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Being a woman is special. You will find greater opportunities for women than ever 
before because the barriers that kept women from many careers in the past have been 
removed, and the most detrimental myths about women's capabilities have been 
eradicated. You will also find more options available to you in formulating your 
personal and social lives and will be better prepared to cope with life, having had the 
benefits of higher education. The primary objective of the majority of college students 
today is to secure a job with high compensation following graduation, a marked 
change from the social service objective of college students a decade ago. Unfor- 
tunately, job satisfaction and the quality of life cannot be measured in economic 

You will be assuming new responsibilities and more freedom to control your own 
destiny. I hope the important choices you will be called upon to make will be made with 
wisdom and dignity. More important than the degree you earned is the kind of woman 
you are and the kind of human being you are striving to become. 

As women, you have responsibility for the affairs of the heart as well as the mind. To 
establish happy homes, to bear and rear children (if that is your choice), to unselfishly 
minister to the needs of those less fortunate — these are the traditional roles of 
women. Being a woman is your birthright, a chance element of nature. To be a loving 
woman is your obligation if you are to fully actualize your life. Be proud to be a woman 
and set your standards high in your personal and professional lives. 

You will be leaving a part of yourselves to Bay Path s heritage, and I hope you will be 
taking with you the best it offered. Throughout your lives, your college will maintain 
continued interest in you. We will welcome your letters and hope you will visit the 
campus frequently. My personal wish for each of you is a meaningful life and that 
Providence will watch over you as you go your separate ways. 

Dr. Jeanette T Wright 




The Bay Path community is fortunate to have the professional services of a very 
caring health advocate, Mrs. Rosemary Cahill, R.N. 

For more than twenty years, students have found comfort in consulting with Mrs. 
Cahill about health concerns. As Director of Health Services, Mrs. Cahill is ready and 
willing to medicate, advise, counsel, and give generous "TLC" to the Bay Path family. 
Mrs. Cahill moves with a lively step, offers a smiling face, and gives reassuring words to 
her worried patients. "Do you have an exam today?" is usually among her first 

In addition to giving the appropriate treatment for bonafide illnesses, Mrs. Cahill also 
has to "psych out" those students who may be suffering from "exam panic". She has 
to be psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, and is a friend, confidante, and surrogate mother. 

In our book, she is a-ok, and we, the Class of 1990, with affection and appreciation, 
dedicate this Portico to nurse Cahill. 

P.S. Mrs. Cahill, we all hope to have perfect attendance in our after-Bay Path careers! 




Bay Path College traces its beginnings to a co-educational business school 
founded in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1897. Originally named Bay Path Institute, 
the college offered programs in secretarial science, accounting, and business teacher 
training. The school occupied four different locations in Springfield. The name "Bay 
Path" refers to the earliest trail in the region used by the original settlers of the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony in the seventeenth century. 

In 1945 Bay Path Institute became Bay Path Secretarial School and was moved to 
the Wallace Estate in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The beautiful, wooded, twenty- 
two acres provided a campus for the school, whose enrollment was now restricted to 
young women. The Georgian Colonial mansion was converted to a combined 
administration-classroom building, and a two-family dwelling became staff resi- 

The College was chartered in 1949 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as 
Bay Path Junior College and authorized to grant the degree of associate in science. 

Authorization to award the associate in arts degree to students in the liberal arts 
program was granted by the Massachusetts Board of Collegiate Authority in 1963. 
During the same year Can Hall was erected to provide additional classrooms, 
seminar rooms, and language and science laboratories. Mills Theatre, a gift of Ada C. 
Mills in memory of her husband Erwin F. Mills, was completed in 1965. 

In Hovember of 1988 the Massachusetts Board of Regents authorized the new 
name, Bay Path College: A Two-Year College for Women. The 1990 Portico is the first 
yearbook to be published under the name Bay Path College. 

1 — m 




Eleanor H. Gay 
Assistant to the President 

Dr. Nancy J. Eaton 
Executive Assistant to the 

Dr. Ralph Shirley 
Academic Dean 

Marcia H. Conrad 
Dean of Students 

Clifford Carlson 
Director of Admissions 

Judith S. Cohen 
Assistant Dean of Students 

Shanley Wilde 

Paula A. DesRoberts 
Director of Development 
and Adult Programs 

David Dymek 

Director of Administrative 



Claire F Barber 
Assistant Professor of 
Modern Languages 

Charles Bertolino 

8 / ° 

Kathleen Bousquet 
Assistant Professor of 

Alexandra Burns 
Assistant Professor of Art 

Barbara L. Feret 
Head Librarian 

Janet C. Fox 
Assistant Professor of 

^■j^^Wft ■ ' <S^I 

WW -W ma 

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' J&sL^ » * •.*' 

l//rgjnja K. Treed 
Assistant Professor of 

Heather Mersey 

Gerald J. Kane 
Instructor in English 

Teresa M. Kozloski 
Associate Professor of 

Joan M. Lacombe 
Associate Professor of 
Business; Chairman, 
Business & Office 

Dr. Lawrence Leauitt 
Associate Professor of 
Behavioral and Social 

-> -*r 


Dr. Victor J. Milani 
Professor; Chairman, 
Division of Science and 

William Miller 
Assistant Professor of 

Paul C. Norton 
Associate Professor of 
Theatre Arts 

Charles E. Page 
Associate Professor of 

Andrea Kusso 
Associate Professor of 

Gina M. Semprebon 
Assistant Professor of 

Atty. Joan Spadoni 
Associate Professor of 

Eileen Welch 
Assistant Professor of 

Kathleen Wright 
Assistant Professor of 

Col. Wilfred D. Wright 
Associate Professor of 
Social Science 



Joan P. Brodie 
Associate Director of 

Jennifer Darey 
Assistant Director of 

L. Gelzinis, M. Houle, 
K. Daigneault 

*L ■ - 


^^^H ^^B 


/m ^ \ ^B 






„ \ 

Anne Coppinger 
Assistant Director of 

Carol Dunlop 
Administrative Assistant 
Director of Admissions 

John Foley 

Associate Director of 


Beverly Dwight 
Assistant Director of 



Michelle A. Beaulieu 
Administrative Assistant 
to Dean of Students 

Lynn Brown 
Assistant Director of 
Financial Aid 

Rosemary F. Cahill 
Director of Health 

Pierrette Choiniere 
Bookstore Assistant 

Edward Ciosek 
Director of Financial Aid 

Karen I. Clark 
Bookstore Manager 

Marilyn E. Drake 
Administrative Assistant 
to Academic Dean 


Delores C. Ennis 
Director of Office 

James L. Gallo 
Academic Support 

Joanne I. Guernsey 
Director of Public 

Virginia Johnson 
Administrative Assistant 
to Treasurer 

Massimina Megliola 




Maureen Naglieri 
Secretary — Maintenance 

Aldo F. Pellin 
Chief of Security 

Sally Schirmer 
Director of Student 

Linda A. Simonds 
Systems Administrator 

Paul E. Stanton 
Superintendent of Plant 

Gail M. Wilkinson 
Secretary to the Registrar 

first row: Mancy Cordone, Business Office; Marilynn Smith, Financial 
Aid Assistant, Second row: Rita Scagliarini, Business Office; Doris 
Mitchell, Personnel Office Assistant; Cynthia Jalonen, Business Office; 
Iness Parsons, Treasurer's Office. 

Susan Lapointe: Receptionist 

Sonia tally: Receptionist 


m"' v *s 


P x "'"J' 




f^ u ' -§A 

~mr£AbT ■ - ... . 

Phyllis Benoit: Receptionist 




Donald C. Doane, Director of rood Service; 
nancy S. Warren, Administrative Assistant 










Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of 
choice, it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a 
thing to be achieved. 

Thanks Mom and Dad! 
Always remember the good friends I've made & 
the great times we've shared! U.M., E.M., A.L., 
K.M., J.C., K.R., M.R., UMASS white shirt, hot 
fudge sundaes, bud & candy 



Indira Parmanand 

Wethersfield, CT 

Business Administration 

Eileen Marie Mello 

Lebanon, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Mom & Dad: I know I hardly ever say it but Thank 
you — I love you both. MF, KR, IF, WQ, HQ, KA, 
JC, MA: unique, FVTA-rubber band, long talks in 
lounge, 10/21/89, long hair, swords, 30-year- 
old, white shirt, 4/1/89 (Thanks, HQ), Montreal, 
ringleader, just tone up, attitudes, good hair 
days, cows, he is a god. Our friendships are one 
of the best things that has ever happened to me. 
It is something 1 will value forever. I will never 
forget any of you. I love you all! 


Marie L. Ferreira 

Randolph, MA 
Interior Design 

My Memories . . . Jimbo KarenDIDO: Chi- 
neseRedLight Kerry& MellisWantSomePunch?: 
Parties W/NorwichJsYourName Mean OrJill?: 
Jen An Icecube?? :WestSide W/Wonder- 
fulFriends: Selma, my Bagel?: CarePacksfrom 
TomBob & Nana: 2 Spend$ w/Reilly: Holi- 
dayDecosFeminist Fites: H20Spills: QUeerness 
AtltsBest: Short&Supple: GoodHairDays: Hea 
therl BoughtThat2! KillerTests w/Wendy: 
ToMyFamily,IAskOnly4YourLove: N-& Muf- 
fThanks4YourLoyalty&Luv: 2Steve— MyFuture: 
ILoveYouMore TodayThanYesterday . . . 

Karen K. Heilly 
Waterbury, CT ° 
rashion Merchandising 

MARIE BUCK DUDE — it wouldn't have been the 
same. KERRY I WILL own a COW and live in 
vermAnt! Heath, you R1NGLEEARDED you WEM, 
you will go far in this world! Jenni C, Eileen you 
two are great. Jenni, Tara you two; well there's 
only two more years to go!! I hope 1 brightened 
your days a little girls you have mine! DAD MOM 
K,B,S,M,M, — Love and Thanks. Catch you girls 
later. Don't worry, we won't lose touch. I won't let 
that happen. Sorry!!! 



Judy J. Bussing 

Castleton, VT 
Arts and Sciences 

^71 — : <■» 


(t ,. 





■ -'W 


to » 

KL .1 


The moments pass so quickly, But the memories 
last forever. 

Thanks to my parents for their support and 
encouragement & Thanks to the Bishop A. Wiss- 
eman, Mrs. Chiles and all friends I have met in 
the U.S.A. 1 will miss you all. Psalm 121: 

Judith Sarah Mohamed 

Arusha, Tanzania 

Business Administration 



Daydra Alyss Morin 

Southwick, MA 
Travel Administration 

CAN 1 BE./***THANKS mom & dad for all your 
SUPPORT and LOVE. You're the best. Thanks to 
all my friends, JS, MR, KP, SL, KRIS, SHELL, ETC. 
for all the memories and good times I'll never 
ING FUN! Good Luck to all. LUV Dee. 




4a*A Jj 


1 K 

Sarah Elizabeth Condon 

West Suffield, CT 


"To master is to equal.'' Mom & Dad — It's 
because of you that I've made it this far. Thank 
you for always supporting me. Travis — You are 
my strength and my weakness. You will always 
be a part of my life. Thanks for always being 
there. 1 love you!! Syndi & Les — You guys are 
great for putting up with me. Good luck always 
with whatever you do. To all my friends — 
Thanks. I'll always remember the laughs and the 


1 have met a lot of people along the way in 
different places and made a lot of friends. Y.W, 
M.M, R.P., M.Z., P.S., and S.T.R., thanks for the 
laughter and the memories. Mom, Dad, Daren, 
Janet, Tim, and Tyler — 1 love you all. Thank you 
for always being there when I need you and 
giving me that little extra push when I need it. 

Kathleen Marie Mall 

Canton, CT 

Patricia Ann Sauerhoefer 

Broad Brook, CT 
Arts & Sciences 

Thanks Mom & Dad for all the love and support 
you gave me. I Love you both very much. To the 
best big brother in the world — Joey, I could of 
never made it without you! Thanks! To the best 
roomie — Kathleen I'll never forget the good 
times that we've shared. And especially to all my 
friends at Bay Path, MM, RP, MZ, JB, 1 will never 
forget you guys! And to MS, JM & SC thanks for 
putting up w/me! I Love You All! 


Only as high as I reach can 1 grow, 

Only as far as 1 seek can I go. 

Only as deep as 1 look can 1 see, 

Only as much as 1 dream can 1 be. 

Mom & Dad — 1 love you more than I can say, 

thank you for making this possible, and having 

faith in me. Beck & Kath — I'll miss you both — 

thanks for the laughs, this isn't a good-bye, but a 

beginning of a long friendship. To my Elliott 

friends — Its been fun! Good luck!! 

Marjorie Ellen Zukoski 

Northford, CT 
Arts 8t Sciences 

Rebecca Lynn Pierson 

Greenville, ME 
Arts and Sciences 

Marge & Kathleen, this is not good-bye, it is 
until we meet again. Oram, you have been the 
best. Dad, you have made this one dream of 
mine come true. Rex, thank-you for all the 
love and support. 1 LOVE YOU!! Mom you are 
always in my heart. WE MAY BE PART1MG, BUT 
WAYS BE THERE. Marge, I am really going to 
miss you. 


What lies behind us and what lies before us are 
small matters, compared to what lies within us. 
Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me this 
opportunity, I LOVE YOU! Tony thanks for all the 
support you've given me, 1 LOVE YOU FOREVER 
AND ALWAYS!! To all my special friends in Elliott, 
I'm going to miss you all, J.B., M.L., M.L ... To 
my roomie Shelby, don't ever forget all the good 
times we've had, GOOD LUCK! Jen, Here's to 
Bermuda 1990. 

Christine Lynn Fischer 

Southbridge, MA 
Travel Administration 

Michelle Renee Lomax 

Falls Village, CT 
Travel Administration 

"From the end springs new beginnings." Mom & 
Dad — I couldn't have made it without your love 
and support. Thanks. Crit — I couldn't have 
asked for a better roomie and friend. JB & ML — 
Keep in Touch. To the Elliott Crew — Thanks for 
the memories. Good Luck to all of you. DavyT'm 
saving the best for last. Thanks for being there 
through good and bad times, you're very spe- 
cial. I Love You! 


Thank you mom and dad for all your love and 
support you've given me, 1 could have never 
done it without you. Life's truest happiness is 
found in the friendships we make along the way. 
A friend is one whom I may think out loud to. 
Especially to the ones who have entered my life. 
Thanks for all the good times. 

Jennifer A. Brooks 

Brooklyn, CT 
Business Administration 


■i^Hbt <taH 

^~ ^||Ik^ 

"Lean on me when you are not strong & I'll be 
your friend, I'll help you carry on ... " Jack, Crit, 
Shell, Jen M., Jen B., Half Pint. To the best two 
years of my life. Thanks You Guys ********* Mom & 
Dad — I will never be able to Thank You for all 
the love, support, and patience you have given 
me. Your faith in me meant so much. I LOVE 
YOU BOTH!! P.S. Sis you're the BEST!! 

Marielle J. LaCroix 

Barre, VT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

Although you will say 1 am still too naive, 1 have 
not lost faith in the things 1 believe — Billy Joel. 
There'll be times . . . I'll make it all worthwhile, 
I'll make your heart smile. Strangelove . . . De- 
peche Mode. The girl was always falling again & 
again & I sometimes tried to catch her and never 
even caught her name . . . Cure. Love you mom 
& dad. The Corps. — we lived, loved & laughed 
together, supported each other and made it 
through. Love ya'll!!! 

Carman Segretario 

Middlebury, CT 
Arts And Sciences 

April Whitman 

Abington, MA 
Arts and Sciences 

Understand: Change begins with the individual. 
Redefine all that you have learned. Grasp the 

— Michael Stipe 
Mom and Dad — I love you tons — need I say 
more? My buddies, The Corps, never forget all 
the great times we've had! 


Thanks mom, dad, Fete, Philly Willy Bear & all 
my loving relatives! 1 couldn't have done it with- 
out you! Skiing '89 with Susy chapstick and the 
Kamicozies! "Mr. Snowman '! Thanks for the 
slap of reality Paiger, T-Bone, Toni, Syns, Marci, 
Kel, Bren & Ruth! On to bigger and better things! 
You were always there for me Tim! — Love You! 

Patricia A McDevitt 

Amston, CT 
Business Administration 

C^ 1 


1 Ah ■- ; 'JH^b 

» aL A^ 



^L, u, ■ 'j ■■■■ H 

Paige O'Brien 

Woodsville, riH 

Fashion Merchandising and Retail 

It is such a feeling having accomplished some- 
thing for myself. I could not have done it without 
the love and support of my family. Mom and Dad, 
I love you and I thank you. I shall always cherish 
the wonderful times I had these past two years, 
and will never forget the people with whom I 
shared them with. I wish the best of luck to all my 
fellow classmates. 


Cindy Bourgeois 

Leominster, MA 

Hotel and Hospitality 


'With the drive and the dreams inside this is my 

"You know where you came from, you know 
where you're going and you know where you 

"Somewhere inside a glowing kernel of peace is 
an irritant — an inflamed seed that messes up 
the organism." 

— Robyn Hitchcock 
Thank you SA, JB, CS, AW, and the Chief. True 
friends are what you are and true friends you will 
always be. 

■32£ i '■' 

Mom and Dad, Thank you for everything, you're 
the best! Cindy, what can 1 say, we made some 
memories! JB, CS, AW I'll miss all you guys. 
Sarah, I missed you this year. And finally to Bob, 
through it all, I love you. All the grains of sand on 
the beach! 

Susan Cheryl Anderson 

Somers, CT 
Arts and Sciences 


Stacey Lynn Kittle 

Manchester, CT 

Executive Assistant 

The Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay 
Love isn't Love until you give it away. Mom + 
Dad, words can never express the Thanks I owe 
you both for all the happiness I know today. I 
LOVE YOU!! Meg, you've been there for years, 
Thanks. Em, thanks for making my first year 
one of the best. To all my new friends, Taracot- 
ta, Brooks, Sherry, Laura, Paige and Julie, get- 
ting to know you has been all the fun in the 
world. And my old crew ... to many more years! 

Michelle Marshall 

Canton, CT 
Travel Administration 


Heidi Ann Young 

Barre, MA 

To my entire family — Thank you for all the 
help & support you've given me. I never 
would've made it without you. 1 love you all. 
Mark — Thank you for all the times, good and 
bad, that you have been there for me. You mean 
so much to me. Nancy — Mow did we make it 
through two years?! I loved every minute of it, 
well maybe not the fights! I will miss you. To all 
my friends at home, at college and in VT — 
Thanks for all the special memories. I will miss 
you all. 

nancy Lamontagne 

Manmouth, ME 
Travel Administration 


Thank you mom and dad for all your support 
and encouragement and for being the best 
parents anybody could ever ask for. Thanks to 
all my friends for the great times and memo- 
ries. Nancy and Heidi you two are the greatest. 
I'll miss you all! What appears to be the end is 
really the start of a new beginning. 

Laura Lynn Shubert 

Middlebury, VT 
Legal Assistant 



' 4 

% i 



• > 

Tristine Ann Smith 

Dayville, CT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

To Mom, Dad, 8e Rae — Thanks for all your love 
& support. I couldn't do it without you & just 
think that we still have two more years to go. 
Thanks to all my friends. Remember all the fun 
times we had. I'll miss you all. Montreal . . . 
Metropolis . . . Jim's B-day . . . Springfield . . . 
AIC . . . Cape Cod . . . Thumpers . . . The Wagon 
Wheel . . . Huke Lau . . . Our Gab Sessions 


If my mind can conceive it and my heart can 
believe it, 1 know I can achieve it. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Karen, Lady for a chance at a good life. I've 
grown older & wiser. Thank you for being there 
when I needed you. I LOVE YOU! Lisa T & Lisa H, 
my best friends, 1 will always remember you: icy 
nights, UMASS frats, dis. prob., forest park 
swims, Thumpers, "What's my name, Where's 
my car?", Purple pants. To all my other friends 
— Thanks. MD — your awesome. I'LL MISS 

nancy A. Martel 

Manchester, CT 

Lisa Marie Thibert 

Southbridge, MA 

"The best things in life don't come easily. 
Changes must be made sometimes, and we 
must not be afraid to make them. For if we 
always remain the same we will fail to grow." 
There also comes a time in life when we must 
spread our wings and fly. The support of those 1 
love have made this a reality for me. DAD + MOM 
I LOVE YOU! Mancy and Lisa your friendships 
have meant so much to me. 1 hope to always stay 
in touch. Mark — you are the most important 
person in my life, someone I could never be 


Bobbi Taylor 
Putney, VT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

Kimberly Ann Kiess 

Dennisport, MA 
Business Administration 

THINGS IN LITE. . . I would have never been able 
to make it through these last two years without 
the love and support from my family and friends. 
I know you are all very proud of me, and I love 
you for it. Thank you for everything! My only 
regret is that my grandfather died many years 
before I made this great accomplishment. 

Bobbi I'm gonna Miss You! 




"Love and friendship are the greatest things in 
life.'' — Anonymous. Gail and Tammi, thanks for 
being great friends! Linda, thanks for being a 
great roommate! Melissa, you were a terrific little 
sister! You guys all made me a happy person 
again, THAMK YOU! Last, but not least, thank 
you Mom & Dad for all the love and support. 

Cheryl Lee Hackett 

Windsor Locks, CT 

Linda Faye MacLeod 

Bolton, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

There's a ripple-effect in all that we do . . . What 
you do, touches me; What I do touches you. 
Dad, thanks for always loving me, even if you 
don't always understand me. To all my Bay Path 
Buddies, I would never have made it without 
you. Thanks, the memories will never fade. 


Mom — Thanx for believing in me. I love you! To 
my friends, thanx for being there. Dan — you 
mean the world to me — I love you! C+H — I DID 
IT! Jeb — thanx for inspiring me. Anne — you 
are the best roomie and friend — thanx! Re- 
member: WP — Port-o-pot, Big dipper?/nj — 
ice, 4am, MY, Bimbo's?/Gas card/phone bills/ 
McD's/talks/MS/FA's/UriITED/Army?/Sgt.C — 
work out/6 mile walk — "1 know where we are"/ 
BP Convent/Halloween — murder out back/ 
"Get Up Anne!"/' That's what friends are for!"/ 
I'll miss you all!!!! . . . 

Kellie Ann Greene 

Oswego, NY 
Business Administration 

Anne M. Zinsmeister 

West Simsbury, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Mom, Dad, thank you for all your love and 
support! Mi, John. Love U2! Great times in 89/ 
Caroline/Kellie, great roomie/W.P./N.J./2nd 
west/PRAMKS/Males???/Army/C.G./Pig out/ 
DIET?/sleep-in/McD's Kel. /skiing/Don't stall lit- 
tle car/Great times in Germany/MM SS MC MG 
JB/Road Owner/Gossip/WALKS/rLJ. Cop!/G.T. 
calls/Blind dates/BIMBO'S?/PDB/You know!/ 
STICK & GLUE/American Express?/All-night- 
ers/Smooth moves/Was It Nothing At All? 


Pete — To sum up 4 yrs. (o> how much you mean 
to me in a few lines is impossible. 1 will never 
forget everything we have done together. Allen 
— Be on the look-out for the black elephant, you 
never know when he'll show up. Jenn — You 
crazy MM driver, and Bethany, fellow muscle 
mama and Reeses Peanutbutter Cup sundae 
lover, thanks for being there w/great advice 
when I needed it. You guys have made the past 1 
L /2 years the best. I'll miss you both. 

Kimberly A. Harvey 

East Hartford, CT 
Travel Administration 


HI -or <r>W 

B > 1 



Aimee Daigle 

West Springfield, MA 
Interior Design 


MOM & DAD, Thank you for always being there 
when I needed you. I'll never forget everything 
you've done for me; I love you both very much. 
Thanks for all the encouragement, LISA. JAN- 
ICE, I'll always treasure our friendship. To all my 
friends in BOLLUM: Thanks for the great memo- 
ries. I'll miss you guys! Jenn, always remember: 
missing curfew, all-nighters, Thumper's, our bet, 
"twins", and most of all, our friendship. You're 
an AWESOME roommate! (KH, MY) 

Bethany G. Kitchen 

China, ME 
Travel Administration 

Jennifer Ruth Macy 

Salem, Mtl 
Travel Administration 

Mom & Dad — / LOVE YOi7//Thanks 4 everything! 
IOU!! Bry — thru good/bad, you R a barrel of 
laughs, best of all my bro! Luv Ya! BK — my 
roommate, my BEST friend; never say goodbye! 
KM, HY, ND, DD — You R awesome, thank you for 
good times. Keep in touch!! GO — U R fam now 

— we all luv ya! MARK — We Made It! Mo more 
vacation times only! My inspiration; ALWAYS 
LOVE YOU!! Let's make the best of our future. 
Thanks for letting me be a part of your life. R.O.F. 

— Thank you; U R all SPECIAL! (BULLSEYE!!) 


Melissa G. Mooney 

Ellington, CT 
Business Administration 


I'll try as hard as I can to get what I want. This 
short time at Bay Path has been a wonderful 
experience. 1 could never have made it without 
Ewa, Daisy Mae, Erin, Janice, Angela, and Mar- 
yBeth. I'll miss our lunch discussions. Good luck 
Lucy and Sue. Thanks ERIC for being my honey 
— 1 love you. I'll always remember our trips to 
Cape Cod, Newport, Niagra Falls, and camping 
weekends. In loving memory of my mother. 

91 J 

^^H> tH I; 

mm M 

r ~^^L ^lI 

^v J 

foflj I 


mWm l 9H ,^_ ___*S^K8H^lKJ 


Ewa Zduniewicz 

Indian Orchard, MA 

Thanks MOM and KATHERIriE for giving me the 
opportunity to succeed and making my dreams 
come true. WALLY thanks for always being there. 
I LOVE YOU ALL. Melissa, Angela, Daisy, Janice, 
Erin and MaryBeth I wish you the best of luck in 
whatever you do. 1 will miss our "interesting" 
discussions at lunch and the great times that we 
shared together. 


To Grandma — Thank you for your love, support 
and patience. You were there when I needed 
you. I am proud to be your granddaughter. 
Ronald, thanks for always being there, I couldn't 
have made it without you! All my love to you 
always and forever. Mrs. Beaulieu, you were 
always there when I needed you, and I will 
always be grateful. To all my friends at BPC — 
Daisy, Ewa, Erin, Melissa, Lucy, Angela and Sus- 
an, thanks for all your support. I love you all. 
Dean Conrad, thanks for a fun and rewarding 

Janice Joy Lewis 

Springfield, MA 
Travel Administration 

Daisy E. Marquez 

Springfield, MA 
Travel Administration 

Thank you Titi for all the love and support you 
gave me. I could have never done it without you 
or Masin. I want to thank my 2 best friends 
DAririETTE & DIAMILDA for giving me that little 
push when I really needed it. I also want to thank 
all my family & friends especially my Bay Path 
buddies Lucy, Janice, Ewa, Melissa, Angela & 
Erin and also my sister Lisandra. 


1 would like to thank my Mom and Dad, and 
my family for their love and support. I would 
also like to thank my Qranpy Joe for help- 
ing me have this opportunity. To my friends 
— Thanks for making my two years at Bay 
Path so memorable. 1 wish you all the best. 
Happy trails!! 

Erin Frances tlanley 

Simsbury, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Angela Anselmo 

Ludlow, MA 

Thanks MOM 6f DAD for letting me grow & giving 
me a chance to succeed in life. Thanks Joe & 
Yvette for your help & support. Mike, I am 
thankful for all you have taught me & for being 
there when I needed a friend. As George Har- 
rison said, "You are my friend and You are the 
breadth of life itself." Ewa, Mellissa, Erin, Daisy, 
Janice, Lucy, & Mary Beth — thanks for making 
college more fun. I'm sure gonna miss our little 
discussions at lunch. They were so educational! 


Well, Here's to New Beginnings! It's never too late 
to start something new. Kevin — Thank you. 
Your loving support and friendship has helped 
through the trying times, and has made the 
good times even better. Love You. To all my 
friends: I don't know the words to express how 
important good friends are. Especially to the 
"Lunch Bunch" (You know who you are): I'll 
miss you all. Laughter really ts the best medi- 

Mary Beth Drachenberg 

South Windsor, CT 

Business Administration 

Victoria Margaret Hendricks 

Granby, CT 
Executive Secretary 

MOM — Thank you for your love, support, and 
guidance. I couldn't have made it without you! I 
LOVE YOU!! Beth, Lisa H., Erin, Laura, and Tiff — 
thanks for being the best friends I could ever ask 
for! Good Luck!! There's something weird about 
October 1!?! BINGE!! Scott, thanks for being 
there and for believing in me — I'll love you 


Claudine Godbout 

Westerly, RI 

Hotel and Hospitality 


Shannon Bacchiochi 

Stafford Springs, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Thank you Mom and Gram for helping me through 
school. What would 1 have done without you. What 
great times, with Deb and Jess — Remember those 
parties "9/21/88" Jonathan Micheal, thanks for 
sharing all those special times with me. I hope we 
have many more. Claudine — I bet you will never 
forget "Shannons", or the Room, or the uncomfort- 
able couch "HA, HA" our little secrets will never be 


Michelle Louise Morganson 

Windsor Locks, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Mom and Dad, I know its been difficult these past 
fewyears. Thankyou for everything you've done. 
You will always hold a special place in my heart. 
My best friends — Mom and Ann — thanks for 
always being there when I needed you. Chad — 
Well, you're the original. I LOVE ALL OF YOU! 
GLASS 11/7/88. 

Ann Marie Boucher 

Springfield, MA 
Legal Assistant 


Mom 6f Dad, your sacrifices to send me to school 
will make my dreams for the future come true. 
Thank you for everything. Natalie, good luck in the 
future with your new husband. Chris and Carrie 
good luck. I love you all. Some of the best friends 
I've ever had I made these past couple of yrs. 
Michelle — we'll always be friends, Hugh — I want 
that magnet! Jay, you'll always hold a special place 
in my heart. Bermuda — Is there a rule we have not 
broken? Wait till next spring break! 


Paula H. Caruso 

Poughquag, NY 
Fashion Merchandising 

Everything happens for a reason, and I feel 
something brought me to Bay Path. 1 thank 
whomever did. It was the best two years of my 
life. Thanx Mom & Dad FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT 
ALWAYS. ILOVEUA&F. Thanx to all my friends for 
their support & strength esp. 
CD,SW,PJM,LP,KC,&MI. Remember the good 
times and the bad. ILOVEUGUYSA&F. Michael 
— Thanx for being a great brother even though 
its rarely said. I'm always behind you 100%. GO 
FOR THE GUSTO. 1LOVEUVM. Farewell Elliott 
Mouse! The Jungle Lives! 


Paule Huguette Jean-Mary 

Montclair, MJ 
Business Administration 

To my parents for believing in me throughout 
my faults. You saw something in me that I 
couldn't see. I love you. I will always remem- 
ber Glee Club, Keynotes & Theatre Work- 
shop. To my friends who've meant a lot to me: 
Cassandra, Seleena, Paula & Connie even 
though we've had, and always will have our 
differences, we always seem to stick together, 
1 love you. To my brothers & sisters we will 
never drift apart. 


First 1 would like to say thanx to God 4 bringing 
me to BP. A journey of 1,000 miles, begins with a 
single step & I have just begun my journey. Mum 
8f Dad thanx, I love u both. Thanks to Helpful, 
Dean Conrad, Miss Brodie & Miss B 4 being there 
4 me. Also to my dear friends: 
SW,PW,PJM,CG,LP,KC,Sin & all the wonderful 
people that helped me grow so much over the 
past two years. To THE R. 1 love u so much. I am 
going to miss my family at BP. Love u all. 

Cassandra Marva Duncan 

Windsor, CT 
Business Administration 

Seleena Williams 

Brockton, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

Mom & Dad, thanks for believing in me, and 
giving me the opportunity to come to college 
and make something out of myself. I Love Ya. To 
my Homegirl Cassie, and my Thumper Crew; 
Paula, Paule, Kris, Lisa, for standing by my side 
when I needed you. A special thanks to my 
roommate Cassandra, for the best two years a 
friend could ever ask for. 1 Love Ya Girl. Best 
Wishes Class Of 1990. 


"All the worlds a stage, and the men and women 
merely players." 

Thank U MoM & DaD 4 being my Sole Suppor- 
ters. God bless all my BP buddies & U2 PCFi & 
CP. Good luck Zakia, Maiko, Doris, although U 
may not need it. JG UR the best & I LUV U . . . 
GOD bless the Class of "90" 8f Good Luck Class 
of "91." 

Jacqueline Marie James 

New Haven, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Marlene Croteau 

Fiskdale, MA 


"Just because a path is well-beaten is no proof 
it's the right one." Mom, Dad — I couldn't ask for 
better parents. Jacs — you're the best, reach for 
the top. Grams & Pepe — keep the youth. PCN 
— I'm at a loss for words. I'll never forget you. 
Thanx for the faith you have instilled in me. 1 
LOVE ALL of you: BD, JJ, PJM, NV, CH, SD, MF, 
KR, EM, JG, MG, HY, LS, NL, SS, and WD. Mr. & 
Mrs. Brodie: Thank you for understanding. 


Christine M. Harris 

West Springfield, MA 
Arts and Sciences 

Mom 8t Shelly — I love you both! Thank you for 
always believing in me. You both are my inspi- 
ration. I never would have made it without the 
two of you. Nikki — Thank you for always being 
by my side and helping me through all of the 
ups and downs. I love ya! To Beth, thanks for the 
great times! "Eine Reise Machen '! PJ, SS, TB, 
JK, SD, MC, JM — I'm going to miss you all! To 
all of my friends in theatre & on B3 — you guys 
are great! Peace. 

Bethann Dickson 

Stafford Springs, CT 
Executive Secretary 

bis - 

"Most people are about as happy as they make 
up their minds to be." Mom, Dad, and Jamie, I 
owe the past 2 years to you. Thanks for all your 
help and support when I needed it. I appreciate 
everything. Thanks for all the great times we 
shared and I will never forget any of you — CH, 
MC, VS, JC, and LM. Now we have finally made 
what we have all worked so hard for so don't be 
sad — we should all be happy! 


Jennifer L. Dressier 

Enfield, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Kiesha Blanche Lee 

Enfield, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Thank you Mom & Dad for letting me have this 
opportunity. To my BEST friends ever, Margaret, 
"Claire", Amy "Sue", Jenn & Mimi, don't forget 
Motel 6, 3 west — disciplinary probation, Quiet 
hours?, Curfew?, Friday the 13th, Work?!, and 
how about "Law Man", "Dork!", wc's, and "the 
house"!! Jon, you're extra special, thank you for 
everything, I'll NEVER forget all the times we've 
shared!!!!!! GOOD LUCK and I LOVE YOU 


Thank you Mom, Dad, and Nana for all your love 
and encouragement! To my friends, I love you 
all! Remember all the times we've shared, 
"Sue", "Blanche", "TonLoc", "Dork", "Law- 
man", the house, ya'all, soul to soul, CSC?, 
WnCl's, Friday 13th, #61!, Jaws, M-6, 1:59 a.m., 
tower, KB — wanna "Doo "! Amy, you're a great 
roommie! Remember — "Pretty in Pink"! Bill, 
thanks for being there! I'll always love you! Best 
of luck to everyone!!! 

Marcy C. Spencer 

Enfield, CT 

Legal Assistant 

Amy S. Pedersen 

Lanesboro, MA 
Travel Administration 

- :m3S^fc 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all the encourage- 
ment and love. You gave so much and asked for 
so little. To my best friends, Marci "Claire'' and 
Kiesha "Blanche ", 1 love ya! Thanks for every- 
thing! Best of times at "The House'' Hey ya all, 
have another wnclr! T.L. you're special! Always 
remember, soul to soul, Friday 13th, M6, work? 
the tower, "Dork, Lawman'' Late for curfew? 3rd 
west on disciplinary probation? Quiet hours?? 
CSC? Maybe someday, Cory. I'll always love you. 



Mom & Dad — thank you for always being there 
for me and showing me how important things 
are in life. I love you both very much. S.D. — 
thank you for being such a good friend. You are 
the meaning of best friends. Oct. 20th at C.C. 
— there will be morel C.F. — thanks for every- 
thing. Remember Alumni 3rdl To C.H. you are a 
good friend and thanks for all of our talks! 
Bollum 3rd — thanks for making this last year 
so much fun! J.D. — thanks for always being 
there for me! 

Nicole Lynn Virkler 

Lowville, NY 
Executive Secretary 

Colleen Elizabeth Field 

Pittsfield, MA 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

To My Family — Thanks for all the love, caring, 
and support — I LOVE YOU! Dan — you are my 
life, future, body, and soul — I LOVE YOU SO 
MUCH FOREVER & ALWAYS!! The best is yet to 
come for us! Nikki — I will never forget our 
good times together — 2nd semester, junior 
year, the BEST! To "unforgettable" friends, CS, 
JG, AC, and Toni B, you are the BEST! I'm so 
glad we became close. I'll miss LEENY! Thanks! 
Good Luck! I'll miss you!! Never say goodbye. 
We'll meet up again, I Promise!!! 


Thank you Mom and Dad and nana for being 
there for me and believing in me. Good luck to 
all my friends at BPC. Marci thanks for always 
being there, you are the best sister. QRL thank 
you for being by my side and of course for your 
support. Love you always, Best of Luck. Mary. 

Mary Yvonne Spencer 

Enfield, CT 
Business Administration 

Pamela Ann Johnson 

Warwick, MA 
Business Administration 

Years will pass as time goes by, but the memo- 
ries I have will never die. Theinert 3rd floor is the 
best! Tara & Toni — We're going to make it! 
Qoodluck to all my friends, especially Chris, 
Karen, Heidi, Lisa, Tara, Shannon, Debbie, Erin, 
Linda, Mary, Cheryl & Kellie. You're the best! 
Mrs. "B" — You're a great friend 6f I'll never 
forget you. We'll have to do Chi Chi's! Mom, Dad, 
Danny & Mindy — Thanks for everything, 1 love 


Mom, Dad, & Jess. There are not enough words 
in the world to tell you how much I love you. 
Ethan — you're more than a brother, you are my 
friend. Syn — Thanx for being my best friend. I 
luv ya! Shelly &" Kesha — my little sis — I love 
you guys! Ang, Toni, Heidi, Nancy, Laura, Leenie 
— you guys are the best. I love you all. Thanx for 
all the good times guys!!! The memories will stay 
close to my heart. JS — it takes two! — Thanx 
for making me happy! All 1 can say is WOW. 
Thank you everyone!!! w/love!! 

Jennifer L. Gombossy 

Vernon, CT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

Angela Marie Ciriello 

Woodbury, CT 
Travel Administration 

Mom&Dad thanx for your luv & support & the 
fond memories. Thanx for making it all possible. 
Ton, Chris, Dan, Dav U guys are the best! Don't 
ever forget all the good times — B-days, H-days, 
forts, cottage old house, NH, VT, FL, Fairs, Story- 
town. Good luck in all (J do, I know you'll suc- 
ceed. To my friends esp SS JQ TB CF Bollum 
3&2. Thanx for the laughs and fun times that'll 
last a lifetime in my mind&heart — Don't let 
distance keep us apart! 


Syndia Serrano 

no. Windham, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Papi, mami, Daisy — A ustedes les debo todo. 
Si no fueran por ustedes no estuviera donde 
estoy hoy. Espero q' algun dia les podre dar un 
poco de lo q' me nan dado. Jen — thanks for 
everything, 8 yrs. 8f still strong. I luv you! My 
buds: Toni & Lenny — Thanks for everything! 
Theatre buddies: CP., S.M., A.C., J.J., C.H., T.K., 
CD., M.C., & PCM — thanks for your support & 
love. 1 Love You Guys! Jackie — Thanks for the 
laughs & smiles, I wuv you! 

Toni Burkhart 

Middletown, CT 
Business Administration 

I am so grateful to my family and friends for 
being so wonderful and supportive. I will never 
forget those who have helped me these last two 
years. I'm really going to miss "you guys", my 
true friends. And you all know who you are. The 
good times have more than made up for the not 
so good times. I'm glad I had the opportunity to 
have my best of friends from many worlds and 
now together as one. We share the same 
memories always, best of luck to all of youl 


Mom&Dick:Thank you for your unconditional 
love & support — 1 did it! Ms listThings Kim 
Did'S — my fellow lunatic — carry on.J — at 
least once we agreed (mall dude).C/S — still in 
search of the perfect picture — Lylas. DC — 
memories will be treasured. RM — my PALII'm 
just the little rocker! The room is a ROCK 
SHRINEIFloyd&strobe for the rough nights.All 
my best to JS,MR,DM,SL,etc. Zep/Kip/Joe/Tesla 
& sweats & choc. milk — if it ever came true. . . 

Him Ann Popovich 

Qranby, CT 

Renee Marie Garon 

Windsor Locks, CT 
Business Administration 

To my family and friends — Thank you for your 
love and support you have given me in the past 
two years and also for believing in me. I can only 
hope that Mom is just as proud. Dad, thanks for 
making all this possible. Steve, thanks for being 
there for me through thick-n-thin. You are the 
best friend a girl could ever have. It will be you- 
n-me from now on with no books! I Love You. 


To my parents, thank you for all the help and 
support you've given me during my two years 
here, I Love You Guys! Wendy, Lynn, Sue, Lori, 
Jenn, You're the best friends I could have ever 
asked for, thanks for always being there. To 
Glenn, thanks for putting up with me this long, 
you're the best thing to ever happen to me, 
I Love You — Always! 

Susan Ellen Lynch 

Somers, CT 


Kristen Vaillancourt 

Enfield, CT 
Fashion Merchandising 

Sometimes I wanted to give up, sometimes I 
wanted to give in, then I saw you smile and I 
could do anything! MOM and DAD thank you for 
making this possible, you're the BEST! BARB 
and JOY my very best friends in the world, I LOVE 
YOU GUYS, thanks for always being there for me! 
CHRIS, you'll always be my best buddy, THANKS 
for everything! DAVID, Everything's been great I 
hope our future is as wonderful! 


You can close your eyes to realities but not to 
memories . . . Mom and Dad thank you for all the 
love and support — 1 LOVE YOU! Tara, Deb, Jen, 
Mari-Anne, Heidi, Tracey, and Julie KEEP IN 
TOUCH! Tara turn up the radio the car sounds 
funny . . . Supersonic . . . Raps . . . Chairdancing 
. . . flat tires . . . Pogos . . . Can you see the tape? 
Salda tea times . . . L1A-2 . . . playing dress up . . . 
prank calls ... 10 in the land-yacht . . . Deb we 
need a video camera for our room! Budda, I 
LOVE YOU!!! 3 hearts ... the "M" word! 

Tracy Lea Cavanagh 

Northampton, MA 
Arts and Sciences 




^ z? ~ 


- «5 


IP-* i7 

.../ *^^H I 







r 1 





Deborah Stapon 

Jamesport, MY 
Executive Assistant 

Relax, don't worry about it! — ME. Mom & Dad 
both Bapshies & The Stapon Clan 1 LOVE YOU 
GUYS. Thanks for everything! Tracy I'm glad we 
made it. You're awesome. Jen, Tara, Testa, 
Heidi, Julie, Reinhart, Marianne, Beth, Colleen: 
all the crazy stuff we ever did: Thprs, Pgos, 
B-Walk, YALE, UCONN, Montreal, getting _icked 
over tight as flat time lawndriving, THE PARK, 
Rroof, LHaul, and more!! 2 of the best years 
w/you guys. You're all so AWESOME!!! I Love ya. 
C-ya in W-panel stn. Wagns 


Tara M. O'Connor 
Northampton, MA 
Arts and Sciences 

SMALLER AND WARMER. Tracy, Jen, Deb, Mar- 
ianne, Julie, Tracey, Heidi . . . F.I.D.'s &p; L.I.A.'s 
. . .Walk This Way. . . Does it look real? Superwo- 
man . . . G&T in Rms, Dancing. Thanks Mom & 
Dad for all the love and support. Rose, Kirsten, 
Ed, Tim, & Sean, You're the greatest family a 
person can have. O'Connor Rap . . . 


■"• s? ■ 

Jennifer Stiles OTieil 

Essex, CT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

Mom and Dad; You are the best parents any girl 
could ever dream of having. You've given me 
everything; the best love, support and being 
there for me when I needed you most, & guid- 
ance. Jacquie & Allison thanks for being there! 
My friends — DS,TC,TO,HO,TT,MK,KC,LS,JV.I 
had some of the best times with youIDS — 
Montreal, clubs W. P. , C . Q . A . , co n- 
ver.,STKY,ID's/'Walk this way", and DRNKQ. 
*89w/Jared DS — ILL),KI 


Mom and Dad, I want to thank you for this great 
opportunity. — 1 love you for it. I will miss: SA, 
JN, JK, SM, and the other friends I met here. I 
had a great two years with you all. 

Heather Young 

Monson, MA 

Hotel and Hospitality 


Elizabeth Ugolik 

Westfield, MA 
Executive Assistant 

Mom & Dad, thank you for your trust and sup- 
port. Thank you for helping me be the person I 
am today and the person I will be in the future. I 
love you both very much. To my sisters and 
brother, thanks for the help and encouragement 
to make it through these years. To all the girls on 
3rd East, it's been a memorable experience. 
Much luck to you all and I'll miss you. Tony, 
thanks so much for all the good times we've 
shared. But most of all, thank you for Asti 
Spumanti Martini & Rossi!!! 


Heidi Olschefski 

Meriden, CT 
Fashion Merchandising 

In life come alot of obstacles, but conquering 
those obstacles can only bring U 2 a higher level, 
so never stop trying. Thanx 4 b-leaving in me 
Mom, Dad & Cioci. Timmy O — I muss U. 
Memories w/the gang at BP will be in my heart 
4-ever. Special Thanx 2 the "1 & only", Tra — 
roomy. I Love U — Stress Kid, Testi cole, you 
mean the world to me. Don't 4-get our talks. 
Little L.J. I Love You. 



Tracey Lynne Testa 

South Windsor, CT 
Executive Assistant 

My dreams of success will B reality because of 
the doors that you've opened 4 me time & time 
again, MOM & DAD, I love u & will never B able 2 
thank u enough 4 all the love & support I've 
received. Chance made u my brother — hearts 
made us friends, love u Tom. Special thanx & 
wishes to P-nut for being the best roomie. Best of 
wishes in your futures, BPConvent buddies, I'll 
treasure the memories! 

W/U 4-ever Damien! 


Elizabeth I. Bledzinski 

Glastonbury, CT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

These have been the times that helped me grow. 
Mom & Dad thanks for everything U have done 
for me. 1 couldn't have done it w/out U. A special 
thanks to TM, KC, CP, MO, TT, DO, GK, JV for the 
great times while at Bay Path. Tracy thanks for 
being the best roomie. Girls remember rides 
thru Forest Park, POGO's ... To my love & best 
friend — JIM, you're very special to me. Thanks 
for loving me & always keeping me strong thru 
the tough times. I LOVE YOU!!! 

■pv JVM 

WW ' "■ 11 -■'MM 
MM ' ' -\^ 

j '=■:■ as i H'-'j 


L.. .R~'V." 1 

i JmmVIA 

ljR : ,^ jn^aaersp 

Chandelle Fluff 

Danbury, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Thank-You BayPath for giving me a second 
chance. Mom, Dad, and family thanks for all your 
support; I Love You All! — Tracy, Kelly, and Liz, 
you are the greatest friends and thanks for 
accepting me so fast. — Mike Norkowski, thanks 
for always being there. I LOVE YOU and 1 want to 
spend my life with you Mike. — Good luck to 


Always have a dream to live for because without 
them what do you have? I LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, 
6f Bob; you've been my best friends, thanx for 
the love, support & patience you've shown me. 
TRACY — you are the best friend anyone could 
have. LIZ & CHAMDELLE we made it through 
together. H.O., J.O., & D.O. — you're friends I'll 
never forget. PAUL — I'll always remember you. 
To everyone GOODBYE &? BEST OF LUCK!!! 

Kelly Marie Cowan 

Danbury, CT 
Fashion Merchandising 

Tracy L. Norkowski 

Bethel, CT 
Business Administration 

Mom — Thanx for everything. I LOVE YOU! Kelly 

— The best is yet to come. Friends Forever! Liz 

— Mikey likes it! Chandelle — What's happening 
on Santa B.? Renee — Lets be accountants! Ha 
Ha! Hey girls thanx for everything, especially for 
putting up with me. LB, RQ, DO, going to miss 
you girls! I hope everyone's dreams and wishes 
come true! Think about yesterday, dream about 
tomorrow, but Live today! 


Jennifer Allison Sarnelli 

Ludlow, MA 
Legal Assistant 

Mom 8tr Dad — thank you for always believ- 
ing in me and supporting me. 1 love you both 
very much, and I always will. Jerry — thank 
you for being a friend. Rich — we've been 
together for what seems like forever, and I 
love you more each day. Can't wait for 6/16! 
To Laura, Kel, Toni, Renee, Marie, Valesca 8e 
Mariecruz, you've all been a big part of my 
life for the last two years, and I'll never forget 
any of you. Kel — we have to go back and 
find the aquarium! 

Kelly J. Green 

West Springfield, MA 
Legal Assistant 

These past two years I found very difficult, but 
it's an experience I'll never regret. I have my 
friends to thank for making it a bit easier. You 
guys I'll never forget N.Y., Montreal, Hockey 
games & Winter formal. Thanks guysl Mom & 
Dad, Thanks so much for this opportunity, I 
really did my best. I love you! Gary, Honey, you 
are the GREATEST! Thanks for your love, sup- 
port, 8f understanding. I'm looking forward to 
our future together. I LOVE YOUI (Best Wishes 


Toni Lynn Gol fieri 

West Springfield, MA 
Arts and Sciences 

Mom — You're the best. I couldn't have 
made it without all your support and encour- 
agement. I love you. — To my Bay Path 
buddies — Laura, Jen, Kelly, Valesca, Marie 
Cruz — It's been fun! Keep in touch. L.D. 12 
— You've been a great friend, thanks for the 
memories! A special thanks to all of my 
professors — I've learned so much from all 
of you. Best of Luck Class of 1990! 

Laura Ayne Drzal 

Feeding Hills, MA 

Business Administration 

Mom and Dad, you made all of this happen. You 
were there when I was younger to push me and 
make me strive for my goals. Some of those 
goals have already been realized. Tim, you have 
made my life wonderful, you were by my side 
through thick and thin. You inspire me to set 
and reach goals & dreams. Toni, Jen, Kel, 
Marie, all you guys, you made life here memora- 
ble. I love you all, thanks for everything! II Never 


Renee Collette Lariuiere 

Springfield, MA 
Travel Administration 

1 just want to say thanks to the people who 
helped me make it through the past two years. 
To all the friends I've made here, Marie, Jen, 
Kelly, Lisa, Laura, Toni, Valesca fit Marie Cruz, 
all of you guys are great and are unique. I wish 
you guys all the best. To Cathy, the best friend a 
person could ever ask for. You're the best. Mom 
and Michele, I love you guys more than any- 
thing. Times have been tough but we made it. 
Thank You for all your support . . . 

M. Angela Egan 

Enfield, CT 

"There's a choir singing with a force that can 
light the sky, I will join with a voice deep inside. 
Anthems forjoys gone by, And forjoys I am sure 
will come.'' — Steve Winwood 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Benny, Billy, Patrice and 
all my friends for being the joy in my life! I Love 



Marie A Rinaldi 

Somers, CT 

Certified Professional 


Lisa Lynn Ethier 

Chicopee, MA 

Certified Professional 


The BEST gift I've ever received was given to me 
by God on my birthday, I call them Mom & Dad. 
As if the greatest parents weren't enough, I was 
also given a sister, "Bumpkin '. Then years later 
came John, Robin & Marie "Blonde roots" 
the GREATEST friends in the world. YOU ALL 


Monica Leigh Whiteman 

Livonia, NY 
Arts and Sciences 

Thank you mom & dad for your love 6f 
guidance that will help me through life. Hi 
Tom! Aunt Colly &• Uncle Jim, thank you for 
being my friends & my family. Alpine Manor, 
thank you for the past & the future. B.P.C. 
Buddies! Miss S., Tar Side humor forever. 
Dana, no one will ever fill your shoes. HONK! 
HAR! Tim, my best friend, no one will EVER 
take your place in my heart — I couldn't 
have made it without you. I love you all! 

Brenda Lorraine Evarts 

Madison, CT 
Executive Secretary 

"Believe in yourself and all things are possi- 
ble." Todd, It's fate, now we can be together. 
Todd, I love you! Waiting for you. Patience. Late 
night talks with Mona. Livonia — Twilight Zone. 
Deb, get out from under my bed. Denise, don't 
ever go out with a fireman. Thanks mom, dad, 
Todd, everyone for all the love and support. 
Good luck to all my graduating friends. 



"We came together as strangers, we leave as the 
best of friends.'' Two of the most important 
people in my life always told me that it would 
take a lot of hard work and tears but I could do 
it. Mommy and Daddy you were right. You gave 
me the confidence I needed to succeed. 
Thanks! Christie, Mondo and Lenny — you'll be 
the "Children of God" forever! Drew, Suzanne 
and Jeff — the love we share for each other is a 
rare and special one! My love for all of you is 

Victoria Jeanne Adam 

Glastonbury, CT 
Arts and Sciences 


W- «5 

' \1 


I ff --^ 



° V 

Carisa Ann Champine 

Barre, VT 
Arts and Sciences 

When I see you smile, I can face the world, I 
can do anything." — Bad English 
Mom, Dad & Kara — Thanx for all the smiles. I 
love you all very much. 

To all my friends at B.P. I'll miss you and all the 
laughs. Chrisie — my best buddy, "Dream a 
Little Dream." 

rinally, Shawn, you have made the last two 
years of my life the best. I can't wait for the years 
to come. I love you. 


"Special moments come and go, but the memo- 
ries last forever." Thanx mom and dad for mak- 
ing my dreams possible and believing in me — I 
luv yah! Thanx M.L. and J.B. for the special 
memories, remember "The Laugh". Bro — 
Thanx for always being there for me — YOU'RE 
THE BEST! Goodbye my friends, the memories 
will last forever . . . 

Jacqueline D. Locke 

Stafford Springs, CT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

Laura Elizabeth Annino 

Coventry, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Maybe the hardest thing I'll ever do is to walk 
away (AGA1M) from the life I've begun, nothing's 
permanent, but change." M&D I Love U!; To my 
cave buddies, We've had the best of times!; Marc 
thanx for the "good times" & caring; Rich your 
caring & support has taken me a long way; A&L 
U luv you guys!;; Tara my roomie&best bud, I 
Love You! This isn't good-bye! I believe in U all!!! 


Mom 6f Dad — although the words aren't said 
nearly enough, 1 love and respect you dearly. 
Tara, may the times we've shared remind you "I 
am by your side". JB,LA ,JL,SK — thanks for the 
laughs! JEFF — What is it babie! Its been 3yrs — 
all 1 can say is Thank You'' — Led Zep. I come 
out of these two yrs content with the person I am. 
Thank you for all the fond memories. 1 leave with 
a smile. 

Sherry A. Smith 

Broad Brook, CT 

Legal Assistant 

Tara Kim Carter 

Belchertown, MA 
Arts and Sciences 

The clown that cried a silent tear is a wonder to 
all. Could it be 4 happiness or pain U make the 
call. Could she want out of it orjust 2 be let back 
in. Maybe it's for all the pain she's seen or never 
wants again . . . M&D — Thanx 4 always believ- 
ing in me ... J — Love You ... MB — Thanx a lot 
— ILU — Men! . . . Moonbye Cave Dudes & LP . . . 
L — USN — Baby It's a WILD WORLD . . . S — 
W/O U — Well U Know — ILU . . . A&S — Blood 
on Blood ... & esp. Michael 4 loving me & 
keeping me strong thru all the tough times . . . 
Words can't say what love can do — BON!! 

i ■ 


Lisa liastey 

Manchester, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Follow your dreams & pursue them w/courage 
for it's the pursuit of those dreams that makes 
life worth living — LM, M&D — I know the past 2 
yrs. have been difficult, thanks 4 the opportun- 
ity! I luv u both! Sis-life begins at college. Lisa — 
keep in touch, good luck with *** Diane — what's 
next? Central, here comes trouble! Thanks to — 
Chris, Rob, Di, S&T, & the rest of ELLIOTT. 

ff -_ti_ v: * -- Tr» — ^ *^i 

jf ■ - rnfl 

Lisa Marie Pardee 

Downsville, MY 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

M&D — Thank you for giving me the chance to 
prove myself. I LOVE YOU! S&J — We seem to 
always get on each others nerves but the fun 
times we've shared will never leave my memo- 
ries. To a special friend who likes me for who I 
am and who taught me I don't need to change for 
anyone I dedicate the song "Something About 
You" by Bad Company. Thanks for being there! 


Yoshiko Ushioda 

Osaka, Japan 
Travel Administration 

To be without hope is to deny the wonderful 
possibilities of the future." Love and thanks to 
my family especially Mom and Dad, for none of 
this would have been possible without the two of 
you. Kevin — thank you for all your love and 
support. You will always be special to me. Porter, 
Dee, and Kimmer — FRAT parties, RUMORS, 
Vermont, Halloween — there's more to come! 
Jen — we made it! OK! Good Luck Bollum 1st. 

Valerie Ann Leone 

Burlington, CT 
Interior Design 


Valesca Segura 

Holyoke, MA 
Legal Secretary 

Thanks, Mom and Dad for being there every time 
1 needed you. Thanks, Martha for giving us a 
hand when we needed it the most. And I eter- 
nally thank you GOD. 

Mariecruz Segura 

Holyoke, MA 

Legal Secretary 

Special thanks to my parents who supported me 
in many ways; To my aunt Martha who was 
always there when I needed her. Especially 
thanks to you God forgiving me this opportunity. 


Julie Ann Vatter 

Holyoke, MA 
Executive Assistant 

Mom and Dad — I have no way to thank you for 
everything you have done for me. I LOVE YOU 
both very much! Carrie — no matter how tall you 
get you will always be my little sister. All my 
friends at BP — we have had many memories, 1 
will remember you guys always. I'll miss ya! RJ 
— You are the best thing that ever happened to 
me. Thank you for always listening, understand- 
ing and just being there when I needed a hug. 

I LOVE YOU! ! ! 


Fumiko Ono 

Kanagawa, Japan 

Business Administration 

In good times and bad times, I'll be on your side 
forever, that's what friends are for. — 
JF,KS,VT,SH,TC — I'll miss ya! Cheryl, Tress you 
hold a special place in my heart and my life 
always. Beanie — you are the best roomie and 
friend — 1 luv ya tons! C+C — sis's+best friends 
always. Dad+Mom — I could never have come 
this far without your support+faith in me — 1 
love you! Goodbye but not forever. 

Danielle E. Vannie 

West Hartford, CT 
Interior Design 

Jennifer E. Fishbein 

Wallingford, CT 
rashion Merchandising 

Winter,Spring,Summer,or Fall, all you've got to 
do is call, and I'll be there, you've got a friend! — 
miss you tons! Mom, Dad and CCM thanks for 
putting up with me. You're always in my heart. 
Peanut — we will be together forever, you're the 
best! Don — thanks for always being there. I love 


Kimberly Saliga 

Fairfield, CT 
Interior Design 

Even if 1 never hold you again, I will cherish the 
memories even if it hurts. I will love you always 
and forever. Jeff, you are so special to me. 1 hope 
you're happy where you are. You are my sun- 
shine. My dear friends I LOVE YOU ALL new and 
Old, VT,JG,DV,RR,JF,DG,TC,RL,LB, and all the 
rest. PM the bad times weren't so bad. Mom- 
+Dad I love you & Bridgette. Qood-Bye every- 


Valerie Lorene Thompson 

Frankfurt, Germany 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

They started out as strangers to me knowing 
nothing of one another, except what 1 was told 
no conception, no understanding of each other, 
only a face with a name, A beautiful face a 
beautiful name, Betty & Porter Thompson my 
wonderful parents. We've been friends for such a 
long time; KS,JF,DV,SH,WS,PK,CS,TM, and Eliz- 
abeth my play child & Michael my Brother. Neil 
I'll forever remember the new world you've 
shown me. I'm forever yours 8f Neil, 1 LOVE 


Sherri Lynn Hansen 

Norwich, CT 
Hotel Management 

Thanks mom and dad for being there for me and 
for standing by me. I will always love you both 
very much! I could not have done it without your 
love and support. Shayne — You mean the 
world to me! I LOVE YOU!!! DV, JF, KS, VT you 
guys have made my last year at BP the best! I'll 
miss you! My little brother Wally, you're the best!! 

m- — 






* A 

Thephaksone Vongsarasinh 

Glastonbury, CT 
Travel Administration 

Thank you to my family. I gave it all my best. 
WENDY S and KAREN S thank you for being 
there, and helping me out alot. My friends 
RL,BH,SP,KM,BU not to be forgotten. JMR, my 
best friend, and my love. Thank you for being by 
my side every step of the way. I will always LOVE 


Tara Lyn Cirone 

South Windsor, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Mom — I can never repay you for everything — 
you're my support system! Dad — Thanks for 
the rough times you've helped me through T — 
don't worry, with all your talent you'll go far in 
life! Spike — my new Bro I LUV YA! Friends at 
school thanks for putting up w/me! There are 
memories I won't forget Rach & Jess — can't 1 be 
a B1GGIM? My friends at home — 1 haven't 
forgotten! Jane thanks for the advice! 1 LOVE 


Rachel LaPerle 

Barre, VT 
Travel Administration 

Mom — Dad thanx for everything you've done 
for me, it's meant so much to me, Janet — Pat 
thanx for your support — 1 LOVE YOU ALL! 
Steph — how about those adventures of ours! 
MAINE! I luv ya! The gang at home — PARTY! All 
my friends here TC, JQ, TV, SC, JF, VT, KS, LB — I 
LUV YA! Hey TAR Keep that room clean! HEY JES 

Thanks Mom, Bethie, and Gram for all you have 
done for me — 1 love you. Good luck to my 
favorite TEACHER (I hope they all survive). Cori 
and Jeanne, remember all the fun we had. Tam- 
mie, you will always be my best friend wherever I 
live. Paul, 1 will support you in everything you do, 
you mean a lot to me and I love you. 

Jennifer Julie Beaulieu 

Hampden, MA 
Travel Administration 

Cori Burnett 

Wilbraham, MA 

Travel Administration 

Mom and Dad thanks for all your support and 
mostly for believing in me. I LOVE YOU BOTH! 
Jeff — thank you for all the encouragement and 
confidence you have given me. I LOVE YOU. A.K. 
Jen & Jeanne I'll miss your giggles. GOOD LUCK 
in FUTURE SUCCESS! To all my friends at home 
— Jackie, Monica, Sheileen, Sue — YOU'RE 


Jeanne-Marie Velez 

South Windsor, CT 
Travel Administration 

Mom & Dad — Thanks for all your love and for 
making these 2 years possible for me! I LOVE 
YOU BOTH! Jen & Con — these 2 years have 
been great. I wish you both the best of luck in the 
future. Chris — Thanks for all of your love & 
support. The past 3 years with you have meant 
the most to me. You always seem to be able to 
brighten up my days. I just hope that I can bring 
the same happiness to you. Thanks for being 

Margaret A. Olisky 

East Windsor, CT 
Interior Design 

Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me this 
opportunity, and for being there whenever 1 
needed you. Thanks also to the rest of my family, 
and friends for all your help and support. I can't 
begin to express my gratitude to all of you! And 
to Dan, a special thank you for standing by me, 
(even when I got on your nerves) and for helping 
me when you could. I'm glad you were always 
there for me; I'll never forget all you've done. 


Mom, You're the best! Thanks for everything. 
Tim Thank you, I love you and 1 am so glad 1 met 
you. You made this year so much better for me. 
Don't forget the good times. Michelle you're a 
great roomie, Don't forget Toby's and rolling 
under the bed, Don't forget your underwear. Sue, 
1 hope you keep the entertaining stories coming 
for a lifetime! Good luck Mel, he's out there 
somewhere. Well Dad, here I am — wish you 
could see me now. I love you! Good luck guys — 
in all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cheri Ann Costantino 

Franklin, MA 
Executive Assistant 

Michelle Ewing 

Springfield, MA 

MOM & DAD, 1 appreciate all the sacrifices 
you've made to get me to this point. Thanx for 
the love & support. I Love U Both! Steve & 
Carrie, You guys are the best I Love Ya! Cheri, 
never loose that Goofy Grin! Sue, Remember 
Free Balling at Bentley, the movies & all the fun 
we had. Mel, Do you remember everything I say? 
Cari, Good luck next year FELLO QUEEri! Good 
Luck in the Real World Everybody!!!!!! 


MOM & DAD Thanx for everything. I LOVE YOU! 
George you are the best! Tom, thanx for all your 
support. Thanx to the navy parties Tom, I will 
love you forever. Melissa, you are the best room- 
ie. Keep up on the vocab. Maybe someday you 
will find a guy with Guess Jeans. Michelle, Con- 
fucious say, don't forget fluke Lau, Mc Donald's 
& the movies. Cheri keep those stories coming. 
We've all had some great times and there are 
still more to come. KEEP in TOUCH! 

Suzanne Murphy 

Glens Falls, MY " 
Travel Administration 

tiktir m 

vK*>JB;'jV :■ 

1 III 

.-.■■■■ , 
'■• ■'■■■:. ' 


mm ' i'i 
< m i. 

Melissa Lyn Doner 

Montpelier, VT 
Travel Administration 

"Only when the end comes does the beginning 
start'' — Melvin.Mom&Dad — We did it!! Scott 

— encouragement, understanding, and lots of 
love. Sue — Keep waving in those planes, may 
you one day own a 'neat car" and above all "I 
OBJECT!'' Peg&Cher — hot soup at lam. Dani 

— Your own piece of Vt.Penguin & nil — Sincere 
thanx and best wishes (and a small dent)!! To 
those I leave behind — I take you with me in my 


Gwendolyn K. Gesin 

Springfield, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

I always zig when 1 should have zagged! Nancy 
— remember all the great times — luv ya. SK, 
PQ, TB — remember NY — Top of the View — 
What was in that drink anyways? OMAR lives! To 
my best friend across the miles Julie — 1 will 
always remember the good times. To the Brits 
I'll never forget you guys! And to Mom and Dad. 1 
love you. 

nancy Lisa Tratenberg 

Springfield, MA 
Travel Administration 

There can b no rainbow w/o the cloud & storm. 
ERIC — u're my lover, u're my best friend, I love 
u. ROBYN — 7 yrs & we're still friends, amazing, 
I'll always b there 4 u. GWEN — member ber- 
muda, mtl, all the crazy x we shared. Thanx 2 all 
the frnds I made in the last 2 yrs, u've made my 
"atnerican experience" interesting. Hey u guys 
in Montreal, I miss you lots, I'm thinking of u, 
take care. To my family: thank you for every- 
thing, I love you. Ida & Al: 1 wish u were here to 
see this. TOU 


To: Kerry, Nancy, Annette 6f Qwen take care 
threw thick & thin jumble of friends T, J, M, C, & 
B.I. family — the experiences have been in- 
tense, one of a kind and very non forgettable! TO: 
my mom & dad & family, 1 owe you everything, 
TflATiK YOU! SARAH (Miss Bay Path) keep at it, 
don't ever give up. 1 am so proud of you! TO: KIT, 
fl you mean everything to me!! I luv u all "It's 
better to burnout, then to fade away.'' 

Susan Ellen Kibbe 

Hampden, MA 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

• WB~~M 




u m 

Kimberly Lynn Tully 

Hudson Falls, NY 

We leave each other behind but we leave with a 
part of each other. I would like to thank the 
faculty, my friends, and my parents for helping 
me become a young woman. To Carisa, Tori, 
Mona, Brenda, and Paule; You've shared 2 yrs. of 
my life and 1 hope we stay in touch. My favorite 
time was when we went to Dinner at Captain 
D.W's where we say "until we meet again," and 
we will. There's not a day that goes by I won't 
think about you. I love you guys. 


Rhonda Marie Tirio 

Windsor Locks, CT 
Executive Assistant 

Special times spent with Jon; 7/30/88; Good 
times with all my friends; Mandi; weekend with 
Jon at Salem; J.R., J.J., A.S., K.L., K.B., D.K., and 
M.T.; Long talks with M.T.; hugs; memories; 
thanks mom and dad — 1 love you. 

Margaret L. Goehring 

Chicopee, MA 
Interior Design 


Jill Ellen Steinmetz 

East Hartford, CT 

Legal Assistant 

My time at Bay Path has been one of learning and 
growing. To MOM and DAD and all my brothers 
and sisters, THANKS for all your love and sup- 
port — 1 couldn't have made it without you. 
CARL, what can I say — you've taught me so 
much about myself and others. THANKS for 
being there when I needed you your love and 
support got me through, the good times and the 
bad. I LOVE YOU!! 

Michelle Ann Szestowicki 

Tolland, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Mark — you're the best thing to happen to me. 
It's been rough at times, but it was worth it! You 
mean the world to me and nothing will ever 
change that. 1 love you more than words can 
describe. To my family thanx for the support 
through the years and for believing in me. THS 
and BPC buddies you guys are the greatest! 
Thanx for everything. I'll miss you all. Keep in 
touch and — GOOD LUCK!!! 

Thanx mom and dad for al! your love and sup- 
port I love you! Allison, Cheryl, Kerri, Kim, Lou, 
and Darlene thanx for all the laughs. I won't ever 
forget. You've lost that lovin feeling! Allie you're 
a goob! Thanx Bela, Paula R., Bela A, Dany, and 
Liz for all your help through the past years. I 
won't ever forget what you guys have done for 
me. Bela where's our buddy? Linda take care of 
that baby! 730 Club 9/8/89 — Stevie B, 
Bahamas — SPRING BREAK 90! I'm out of here! 

Susan Paulo 

Windsor, CT 
Executive Secretary 

Allison L. Strong 

Windsor, CT 
Executive Secretary 

Thanks Mom + Dad for everything — I love you! 
Drew, Dean + Lisa — the greatest brothers + 
sister — good luck! Amy + Samantha — my 
sweet little nieces — I love You! Andrea — UR 
the best friend ever — remember 6-25-88. To 
the gang: Cheryl, Darlene, Kerri, Kim, Laurisa + 
Suzie — Bahamas — Spring Break 90! And to 
my sweetheart — 1 love you forever Mark — 
8-29-87 + a toast to our special day — 8-29-92! 
The Minky + The Stinky! Good luck everyone — 
Goobie! Andrea — SOME NERVE. Fire red For- 
mula! 10-13-89 C.L. 


Mom & Dad Thank you for everything. Deneen & 
Dad good luck, 1 LOVE YOU ALL — Marcy good 
luck & I wish you the best in life — BAHAMAS, 
Spring Break '90 — Camp Ayo — po 10-13-89 — 
Good luck Allison, Susie, Kerri, Kim, Cheryl, 
Laurisa 1 will always remember the good times at 
BPC — Good Luck to everyone of the class of 

Darlene Ann Zglobicki 

Ludlow, MA 
Executive Assistant 

Kimberly Anne Iioltz 

Enfield, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Thanks for all the good times Emily, Allison, 
Darlene, Cheryl, Kerrie, Susie and Laurissa. 
Lunch was always a crazy adventure. Too bad we 
never got to meet Liz, I think I saw her out with 
Mark. Good luck you guys, I'll never forget you. 
Mom and Dad thanks for having faith in me. I 
couldn't have done it without you. And to my 
best friend Rob, thank you for all your support 
and encouragement. 1 love you. 


Cheryl Price 

Enfield, CT 
Legal Secretary 

Thank you mom and dad for all your love and 
support these past two years. Thanks Allison, 
Suzie, Kerri, Kim, Darlene, and Laurisa for all the 
great times these past two years. Especially at 
lunch!! Cindy, you're the best friend anyone 
could ever ask for, THANKS! Rob, thanks for 
putting up with me, I Love You!! BAHAMAS 

Kerri Ann Walsh 

Enfield, CT 
Executive Assistant 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your love and 
support throughout my two years at Bay Path. I 
Love You Both. To Brigitte, the best friend a 
person could ask for. To Allison, Cheryl, Suzie, 
Darlene, Laurisa, Kim thanks for all of the good 
times that we have had. To all of the pig farm 
crew, thanks for all of the memories. 


Thanks Mom and Dad for all of the love and 
support you have given me. I love you both very 
much. To Kent Alison, Suzie, Kim, and Cheryl 
thanks for all of the laughs, I wish you all the 
best of luck in the future. Liz friends! Keith I love 
you, thanks for sticking by me, you are very 
special to me. 

Laurisa Stebbins 

Enfield, CT 

Sandra Mangeri 

Enfield, CT 

BAY PATH: Two great years — Thanks for the 
memories. Ski club, pig farm, Thumpers, East- 
ern in the party mobile, one big long Eeeeesch, 
but especially Chi-Chi's, right Deb? Thanks Mom 
and Dad, I never could have done it without you! 
Dan, you're the best, so glad you came into my 
life. My friends, I will never forget you! 


Tina D'Agostino 

Springfield, MA 
Interior Design 

Mom, thanks for everything. You're the best, and 
I love you! Joe, 111 always remember the great 
times together, you'll always be very special to 
me. Q.A. and L.R.: I couldn't have done it without 
you guys. Thanks! A.H.: What is QUASI??? See 
ya! I'm on to bigger and better things! 

DA, URAQT, Mow's that one? For Lisa We'll try to 
see each other! Someday! Were you at BP this 
year? I guess it's getting closer to the REAL 
WORLD! Don't be quasi-curren Ladies! Tve 
been studying since BIRTH!! "Catch that SCOOP! 
Trendy cows are in Neil! I Love YOU! 

Regina Alberici 

Wilbraham, MA 
Retail Management 



Thank You Mom & Dad, I WILL LOVE YOU BOTH 
& Kate — I love You, but I need my room back! 
SORRY! Tracy & Karen — Thanks for all of the 
REALITY BREAKS !!!!!! To all my friends — HAP- 


Amy Katharine Higgins 

Kensington, CT 
Interior Design 






■ aNjI 

m . 

kw-r J 

Pamela Leigh Quesnel 

Brandon, VT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

Mom and Dad, thanks for all of your Love and 
understanding, but most of all, the security I 
know I will always have at home. Amy, good 
Luck, your a terrific roommate, I've had a great 
two yrs. Tracey, we were almost lost but not 
quite. "F.W. 8/4/89. Remember You.'' Ben- 
nington State Park! I will make it eventually! 

- '■ 


Mom, thanks for giving me the opportunity to 
experience what I have. Without you it would 
have never happened. LUV YA! 1 want a blue 
leather! . . . Delancy — DQ Did you take your 
nasty pill today!? — JQ 1 love you guys, you're 
the best! Mark, thanks for being there, I hope 
things work out, I Love You. This is a world of 
dreams ... 1 have felt the pain that sorrow can 
bring, but now my life has changed and I am free. 

Regina Marie Robles 

Bronx, NY 

Doreen Patrice Gabel 

Boyertown, PA 
Executive Assistant 

Mom, Dad, 6f Herb, Thanks for the opportunity 
to broaden my horizons. Reg, do you want a 
cookie? I want a BLUE leather coat! Jes, now 
we're in Nevada, we will be in PA socn. Jovan, 
you're the best dog, thanks for keeping my bed 
warm. Joel, I LOVE YOU! Thanks fort being so 
understanding! Mom, you are the best mother 
any daughter could ask for! I LOVE YOU! Good 
Luck AZ, CQ, HM, HK! 


Jessica Mary Gianforti 

Rochester, NY 

Hotel and Hospitality 


never give 100% of yourself — always keep 20% 
in your pocket. DOR-DOG-DOO, Give the story to 
me! Reg — you have a hearing problem! Mom — 
Thanks for all the advice. — I love you. Daddy — 
Thanks for the chance for bigger things. ZEN — 
you will always be in my heart. Jolly juniors — 
HK,HM,AZ,CQ. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Machel — Tara, 
go to bed — Its 5:00 in the A.M. Sara — Quiet 
Zone! Mrs. Welch thanks for being the best 
teacher. Bye Bye BF. 

Jennifer Lynn Stevens 

Amston, CT 
Fashion Merchandising 

Mom and Dad, 1 couldn't have made it w/out 
your support and understanding. 5/3/89 
"Champions — 10/14/89" see guys 1 can have 
fun! Friends: DM,SL,MR,KP. PALMTREES "it's not 
seaweed!'' Dare to be different! Shel — good 
luck next yr. Lisa thanks for listening . . . remem- 
ber 5 hours only! you can do anything if you set 
your mind to it, just remember that Lisa! 


Mom & Dad — Thanks for your love & support 
w/o the 2 of you 1 could never succeed. I love you 
both! Jess, you're notjust a sister to me but also 
a best friend, I love you & wish you luck. Keith, 
our life is just beginning. You are my life and 
have always been there for me. I love you more 
than 1 can say. Thank you for being you! To the 
BOLLUM CREW . . . Thanks for the great memo- 
ries, you are all a special part of my life. BEST of 
LUCK to all! 

Jennifer Lynn Collins 

Harrisville, RI 
Legal Assistant 

Kerry Lynne Aliesky 

Essex Junction, VT 

Hotel and Hospitality 


EM,JC,KR,MF,HQ,WQ,MA, you each have 
touched my life in your own special way & 1 thank 
you for all the wonderful memories you've given 
me.HG, RA's from where?MA, you know you'd be 
lost w/out me, 1 love you!M&D,I thank you for all 
your love, support, trust, understanding, and the 
occasional dollar or two. Holly,l may not always 
agree with you but I will always love you!Shawn, 
thank you for always being there for me, I love 
you with all my heart!!GramA,you will live forev- 
er in my heart! 




Mom & Dad — I made it! A college graduate. 
Thank you for all you've done. 1 love you. — 
Gram D. I love & miss you. God Bless You! 
Heather — You have become my best friend in 
the past 2 years. I love you. "Honey, I'm home.'' 
#1 — KA, KR, MF, JC, EM — you guys are great! 
I'll miss you! Keep in touch! nelson — I love u 
with all my heart! I'm home now, forever! We've 
made it this far, we're going all the way! — I love 
you all! Love, ME 

Wendy M. Gdovin 

Wallingford, CT 
Interior Design 

got by w/ a little help from my friends — 
Steamers, Ker — RA from HELL!, Kar — OK 
naybe it is Beautiful!, Murie — Dude!, Ilean — 
1appy April Fools Day!, Atty. Collins, and Wendy. 
Roomie — You have so much to give the world 
— don't hold back. You can have it all if you just 
oelieve in yourself — I DO! These two years have 
|)een the best — let's remember only the best 
imes. I will never forget you guys. Keep in touch, 
"lorn, Dad & Dave — I love you: Thank you for 
relieving in me — I won't let you down! 

Heather Jo Griszkauskas 

Southington, CT 
Legal Assistant 


Thank you daddy, I made it! nana and Qrampa, 
Thank you for your help. Beth, your more than a 
friend could ever ask for. To all my other 
Theinert buddies, D.S. T.C. J.O. A.P. TO. good 
luck Always. Marge you'll always be a great 
friend. Tony, thank you for all the special years I 
love you HUMMY! I'm ready to conquer whatever 
stands in my way. 

Colleen Jackson 

Athol, MA 
Legal Assistant 

Elizabeth Ellis 

Littleton, MA 
Arts and Sciences 

Caps at our place. Colleen, the best roommate 
and friend I could ever have. Thanks for getting 
me through English. Robert, thanks for all the 
understanding and patience and Rob "ME TOO "! 
To everyone at Theinert D.S. M.K. J.O. TO. T.C. 
APiD Margaret good luck always. Bottoms up 
Deb. Dam those Chips Ahoy cookies. The BUT 
Committee, ok Pete you can move up! 


MOM & DAD — Thank you for all your support, 
understanding, & love throughout my life. I 
LOVE YOU BOTH! I hope I made you two proud! 
JOHM — Thanks for your understanding, caring, 
& for not letting me give up. I LOVE YOU! I hope 
we continue together in the future. STEFHY — 
Thank you for being my BEST FRIEND & always 
being there to talk to. TO ALL MY FRIENDS — 
Thanks for the many good times we had and two 
years definitely worth remembering! GOOD 
LUCK to you all!!! 

Margaret V. Krokulski 

Higganum, CT 




Marianne Kennedy 

Southampton, MA 

To my mother and grandmother — I love you 
both so much — my 2nd floor buddies T.C.-D.S.- 
T.O.-J.O.-T.T.-M.O.-T.R-.M.S. — you guys are the 
best — to my little sisters — and roomies — 
N.I.-J.V.-J.Q.-J.C.-J.H. — thanks for the late night 
laughs — to C.C. and T.S. crew thanks for the 
best times — and Charles, thanks for being my 
dad for a night. 


Mom and Dad — Thank you for everything! You 
have given me the chance to live every dream 
and fulfill every opportunity. Bill — You are the 
greatest brother I could ever wish for! I am proud 
to have you as my brother. Lisa — Thanks for 
being the best friend I have always longed for. 
Tom — You have made so many special memo- 
ries for me and done so many things to make the 
time we have shared together the best! I LOVE 
YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! 

BVFA y|>' /tU ^P 

, m 

Jennifer Lynn Kennedy 

New Hartford, CT 
Executive Assistant 

Sharon Lynn Mountzoures 

Barkhamsted, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Mom and Dad — Thank you for letting me have 
this great opportunity, and all your love and 
support throughout the years. Jen you were a 
great roommate, thanks for listening and always 
being there for me. Good luck to all my friends at 
Bay Path — JK, SA, JN, HY, etc. Keep in touch. 
ANDRE, you are my life, I will love you always. 
Thanks for everything. 

To my family, Mom & Dad I want to thank you for 
all the love and support you've given me. 
Thanks for giving me all the opportunities you 
have and the ones to come in the future. Jim and 
Al you're the best. I love you all. William, thank 
you for all your love and support. Julie, I'm glad 
we were roommates. We've shared alot, you've 
given me some great memories, you'll always be 
my best bud. Thanks for being there for me. 

Stephanie Ann Allard 

Lebanon, CT 

Julie Ann Novotny 

Lebanon, CT 

To my family, thanks for giving me the opportun- 
ity to succeed. Brian, thanks for all the love & 
support. I couldn't have made it without every- 
one being by my side. Dad — don't worry I ate 
the food and my grades were good. Steph — 
Thanks for being my friend and a great room- 
mate! You & 1 have shared so much together 
and I'll never forget you. To all the friends that I 
have made here, I'll always remember the good 
times guys! 



Tracey E. Reinhart 

Meriden, CT 

Arts and Sciences 


w ( 


Amy D. Sebest 

Torrington, CT 



To all my family and friends, Thank You for all 
the good times and memories. My buddies at 
BPC I'll miss you all, good luck in your futures. 
MOM & DAD, Thank You for all your love and 
support it has meant the world to me! 

All my love, 




April Lynn Hudson 

Rowe, NA 
Legal Assistant 

Julie Eileen Barlow 

Middlebury, CT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

Listen to the mustn'ts, child, Listen to the don'ts. 

Listen to the shouldnts the impossibles, the 


Listen to the never haves then listen close to me. 

Anything can happen, child, Anything can be. 

— Shel Silverstein 
Oh my little one, take that chewing gum out of 
your ears. 

— Elvis Costello 
Trouble is a sieve through which we sift all our 
acquaintances. Those too big to go through are 
our real friends. Thank you CB, AW, CS, SA, SY. I 
will miss you. Time it was and what a time it was. 


The moments past so quickly, but the memories 
last 4-ever. MOM&DAD — Thanks for all your love 
and support. 1 love you very much! CK, MM, KD, SM, 
TB, JJ, LR, PJ, SB — AK, KR, AS — Friends like you 
are hard to find! I'll never 4-get the good times 
we've had together! CLINT — you're the best! 
Thanks for always being there for me. CHRIST1ME 
— I'll really miss you!! You've been the best! 

Lisa St. Marie 

Stafford Springs, CT 

Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

Christine Marie Kruse 

Torrington, CT 
Travel Administration 

The best and most beautiful things in the world 
cannot be seen or even touched. They must be 
felt with the heart. Thanks to my family for all 
your love and guidance. Mom, I can't thank you 
enough for making this all possible and for 
putting up with me. LS, MM, KD, SM, TM, JJ, LR, 
PJ: Mere's to forever friendship, love, support & 
memories to last a lifetime. Best of luck. Lisa, 
you're the best roommate a girl could ask for. 




' --? ! 

IB; -' Aj£ 


Heidi Lynn Moser 

Ellington, CT 
Interior Design 

Two roads diverged in a wood; I took the one 
less traveled and that made all the difference — 
JS. Karen — Thanks for all we shared — you're 
the best! I'll never forget you all and all the 
special times — KD, LS, CK, SM, JJ, PJ, SB, LR. 
Remember the dances, parties, and especially 
our talks. Best of luck and my wishes are with 
you! Thanks for your support and love Mom, 
Dad, Brent, Darcy — I couldn't have made it 
without you!! 


Karen Daw's 

Torrington, CT 
Executive Secretary 

Hold on to your memories because they may be 
all you have someday. TO MY FAMILY: thank you 
for your love & encouragement; MOM & DAD: 
thank you for making all my dreams come true 
— I LOVE YOU ALL! Heidi you're the best roomie 
in the world: CK, LS, LR, JJ, SM, SB, PH, HK — we 
all made it & we did it together! I love you & I'll 
miss you all! TERRY I never would have made it 
without you. I LOVE YOU DEAR!! 


I will never forget all the fun times and the 
wonderful friends 1 have made. CKLSKDM- 
MABSS MM Thank you for everything. LBDBRL 
Thanks for being there for me. I never would 
have made it without you JS! Mom & Dad 
Thanks you making this possible. I LOVE YOU 
ALL!! You all mean the world to me. 

Suzanne M. Moser 

Ellington, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Leslie Elaine Grzelak 

Enfield, CT 
Executive Secretary 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I love you 
both. I want to thank all of my friends, old and 
new for all the great times — Thumpers, the P.F., 
ECSU, C.C., and C.A. -10-13-89, You guys are the 
best! SM, LN, KM, JM, MD, En, LC, KC, DD, & BF. 
A special thanks to Beth for being the best friend 
ever! I Love Ya!! Eileen, don't forget the CM. 
night, I never will!!! 


Lisa A Riley 

Feeding Hills, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

■MHBffillJ,.' H^ST 

Beth Lamkins 

Suffield, CT 
Fashion Merchandising 

The best gift in life is life itself — thanks Mom 
and Dad. I couldn't have made it without your 
love and support. Kellie and Heather, you are the 
best sisters I could ever want. I've learned that 
friendship is very important, and it's something 
you can't live without. Amy — you are, and 
always will be my best friend. I Love You All!! 



Heidi L. Moneyman 

Northampton, MA 
Certified Professional Secretary 

Veronica A. Santucci 

Union, CT 
Executive Assistant 

To Mom and Dennis — Thanks for believing in 
me and for giving me your support over the last 
two years. And Mom — "Don't Worry!" To Tracy 
and Heidi — The last two years would have been 
pretty boring if it weren't for the two of you. By the 
way, "Let's do lunch!" To Jeff — I don't think I 
can thank you enough for your support and for 
all the times we studied? I love you! 


Tracy A. Cassidy 

Chicopee, MA 
Executive Assistant 

Mom and Dad 1 can't thank you enough for 
making this possible and putting up with my 
homework on the weekends. 1 would also like to 
thank my friends and family for being there for 
me. Especially my friend Jen. 

Carlene Cuzzone 

Chicopee, MA 
Business Administration 


"The most valuable things are felt from the 
heart." Dad — I'll never be able 2 thank u 
enough. You're the greatest! Moe — thanxs for 
understanding me. You're the BF anyone could 
ask for. Dave — thanxs for the good times. L.N. 
— Let's go cruisin in your CRX — M.D. + K.M., 
you've been 2 great friends. Thanxs! S.M. — 
your hair will grow. L.Q.+E.n. — funnels! E/one 
else — thanxs for making BP bearable. M+S=2 
great bros. I+D+A — 1 love you. You all mean so 
much to me! Thanxs for e/thing! 

Lynn Veronica Chickosky 

Enfield, CT 

Arts and Sciences 

Lisa Christine Fioyes 

Enfield, CT 
Business Administration 

Thanks for everything Mom, you're the best. 
Chris and Kit you're alright. To all my friends, old 
and new, you guys are the greatest. We've had a 
lot of fun times. Jeff — You've been there for me 
through all the good times and the bad along 
with all of my mood swings, I don't know how you 
do it, but no matter what I say you're a great guy. 


Jessica E. Baglin 

East Hartford, CT 








You can never go backwards only forward. 
Thanks to my parents for their love & support. 
Anthony — THE KID — UR the best! QdLk to you 
and Karen. KF&RT ROUND ONE!! KA&JS Thanks 
for all the laughs. Wal — We made it! Lets take a 
ride? Thanks to all my friends for being who you 
are. CIAO — MEIN! 

Jennifer Ann Patrizzo 

West Hartford, CT 
Interior Design 


Brenda Kamp 

Middleboro, MA 
Travel Administration 

To all the people who have touched my world 
and made my life a little better, a little brighter, 
and a little happier — Mom & Dad — 1 love you 
both — Sue, Sandy & Judy I would have never 
survived Bay Path without you guys — never 
forget SK & BL, and all the good times we have 
shared!! Wally-a true friend is one who walks in, 
when the rest of the world walks out — I'll see 
you always in my dreams. 1 love you. Hey why 
can't we get any respect! 

S ^^E^*J 

Sandra Lynn Holmes 

Middleboro, MA 
Travel Administration 

When I think of all the love and support everyone 
has given me, 1 think of all the times 1 forgot to 
say thank you. Mom and Dad you're the great- 
est. To my special friends Sue, Brenda and Judy, 
life wouldn't be the same W/O you guys. You 
have brought many memories that will never be 
forgotten. DOUG you will always be in my heart. I 


Without my family's support I could have never 
made it, but without my friends I would have 
never survived. DP SISTERS, you guys are the 
best because you "UNDERSTAND ': To my long 
lost sister Brenda, why can't we get any RE- 
SPECT? Sandi, BE NICE TO ELMO! Now Judy, 
what would I have done without you. You're the 
best FRIEND EVER, but do I have to take a 
shower? Remember: Life is like a rose BUD, 
enjoy it to its fullest, so V1VREN UP. 

Susan fleleba 

Rutland, VT 

Executive Secretary 

Judy A. Boucher 

Rockland, MA 
Travel Administration 

What we see is mainly what we look for. Mom and 
Tom, thank you for your endless love and sup- 
port. Sue, you've been the greatest roommate 
and BEST FRIEND anyone could ask for! I'll 
always try to "understand." Are we in trouble? 
Brenda, a popsicle will do the trick everytime. 
And Sandi, I can't believe he tried to hold your 
hand — that's so weak! VF, DP, ?'s, USN, S&B, 
and Respect — what more could we ask for? Life 
is good. 


Brenda Louise Perez 

South Had ley, MA 
Interior Design 

Kathy & Keith, August 7, 1986. St. Thomas, 
Martha's Vineyard, Newport, and Virginia Beach. 
I Love You. Kathy M., I'm glad we've stayed 
friends. Thanks Mom & Dad for everything. 

Kathleen M. Waters 

Windsor, CT 
Legal Secretary 


Susan R. Strong 

Westfield, MA 

Thank you Mom & Dad for everything. I 
couldn't have done it without you. I love you 
both very much!! Kevin, I'm really looking 
forward to our future together (5/16/92), I 
Love ya, honey! Look Out NC Here 1 Come!! 





Elizabeth M. McClellan 

Palmer, MA 

Legal Assistant 

Constance Godet 

Bristol, CT 
Executive Assistant 

It's time now to continue my journey through 
life, parting from my past to begin my future. 
Memories I will hold forever. FAMILY, thanx for 
all the love & support. I LOVE U ALL!!!! Thanx Mr. 
T (your one in a million) Goodbye 2 my True 
Friends: CD (TF Forever), Jfl (Remember the Q 
Times & stay in touch), JJ (thanx 4 always Bin 
there) RR & JQ I still love U 2. Good Luck 
"GLAMOUR BOYS" Dan — "You're my one & 
only true love'' RS — 2 Hype!! SB (thanx — ily). 


f W 


Tonetta Hannahrose 
St John 

New Hartford, CT 
Business Administration 

Melissa Barber. Thank you mom&dad for mak- 
ing everything come within my reach. Without 
you none of it would have been possible! I LOVE 
YOU BOTH VERY MUCH! Good luck to all my 
friends I've made here. JAMBO JAMBO! Eddie no 
more tekillya! MTM there will always be a special 
place in my heart for you! FF.JSM.AH.MB.LM.JK.I 
will miss you all very much!! 


'The best and most wonderful things in the 
world cannot be seen or even touched. They 
must be felt within the heart." Helen Keller — 
Mae e Pai, tempo passa-se depressa. Obrigado 
por tudo. To all my friends, we've had some 
great times and a lot of laughs. I'll never forget 
you guys. Rob — tears and pain go away but 
memories are always held within the heart. To 
my sisters — BE CAREFUL. Cathy — my best 
friend — You've always been there for me, 
through good and bad. 1 don't know what to say 
but THANK YOU. To everyone I say Keep Smiling 
for Qod is on your side. 

I f& « 




^^ 'jjfQ, 

lu ■ J^ 

w* ^ 

* «M 


*\ B^-iSfe,.. "W 



Dina Maria Bento Ribeiro 

Chicopee, MA 
Travel Administration 

Can A. Portuese 

Windsor Locks, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Thanks Mom and Dad for the love and support, I 
know I'll make you proud. To all my roomies on 
3rd east — thanks for the special memories. 
May the Chippendales always be my inspiration! 


Life goes by too fast & if you close your eyes you 
might miss it. I never thought I'd make it, But I'm 
glad 1 did! 1 had some good & bad times and now 
it's over. I'll never forget the new friends I met at 
BPC. LM remember the nightruns to the store. 
THANKS MOM & DAD for making this possible. I 

Rene Elizabeth Ruck 

Southington, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Michele Judith Ksiazkiewicz 

Plainville, CT 
Fashion Merchandising/Retail 

Wingnut! Mom & Dad: Thank you for everything. 
I love you. Lynn my twin: You're cool beans, the 
greatest sister and friend a girl could have. 
Chuck: It's only been 1 month, and it's only been 
"official" for 3 days, but I hope it lasts — ya 
think?!! Billy: Thanks for the silly putty. Theresa, 
Tamara, Deb, Liz, & Dawn: You're the greatest. I 
wish you the best of luck. Cocoa and I will miss 
you next year (Girl Scout's honor). 


There is no happiness like that of being loved 
by your fellow — creatures, and feeling that your 
presence is an addition to their comfort." Thank 
you Mom and Dad for giving me the best life full 
of love and support, 1 love you! To all my great 
friends from this year and last, thanx for making 
my years at BPC the best! I'll miss all of you! 


Pristine Mary Cook 

Barton, VT 
Business Administration 


p m ^m 

^M* t 

i pRea 

v fH 


Frances Veleria Franklin 

Proctor, VT 
Arts and Sciences 

We give when we have nothing. Then there is no 
wall between us and the living or the dead. We 
are all one. MS. 

I want to thank the most important people in my 
life, especially my mom and dad. Without them I 
wouldn't have made it this far. Good luck to all 
my friends. 1 will miss you all! It was fun Leari. 


Kathleen Bushey 

Enfield, CT 
Executive Assistant 

Mom, thank you for your love and support. I 
never would have made it without you. My family, 
you're the best. Thanks for not giving up on me. I 
wish the best to everyone in the Class of 1990. 
Good Luck! 

Margaret Mary Dowd 

Enfield, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

MOM & DAD, 1 LOVE YOU. Thank you just for 
being who you are to me. Love to all my family: 
M,M,D,M,&S! Memories to all my friends at BP, It 
has been a BLAST! Pig Farm, Camp Ayapo, & 
Cape Cod! Friday nights,CM,Funnels,BudLight 
"wonderful tonight ",Kel — Lt.ShawMate 
nights. Ei — Pickle or fly?Rob — DITTO!!! 
lake,SM,appts,May my family find happiness in 
what each of us chooses to do. 





Jennifer Janecek 

Chester, CT 

Legal Assistant 

Life is not a race to be run as fast as you can; but 
a journey that should be savored every step of 
the way. Always take the time to reach a goal. For 
without a goal, life is meaningless. Enjoy the 
idea of friends and let them serve you with the 
help you need while in turn you serve them with 
what they need. Bay Path goodbye!!!!1990! 

Deanna DeBenedictis 

Wales, MA 
Legal Secretary 

My best year at Bay Path was my Junior year 
because of my best friend, Lisa. She wasn't here 
for our Senior year because she got married and 
moved to Maine. Unfortunately, 1 moved too so I 
couldn't go out with Leslie and the gang as 
much. What really kept me going this year was 
my fiance, Don. Thanks for all your love and 
support. I Love You! I also want to thank my Mom 
and Dad for coming up with money for my last 
year in college. 


Jacqueline Lee Morrison 

Suffield, CT 

Thanks Mom St Dad for all your love & support 
— I couldn't have done it without you. And to 
Joe, the best brother in the world! I LOVE YOU! 
To all my friends at Bay Path — SM, LG, LN, KM, 
MD, LC, EM, KC, & DQ — gone but not forgotten. 
Thanks for the memories — ECSU, Thumpers, 
PF, Ski Club, Etc! You guys are the best! Last but 
not least — Thanks Bobby for always being 
there for me through the good and the bad. I 
Love You With All My Heart. 

Kelli M. McCarthy 

Enfield, CT 
Executive Assistant 

Thank you mom and dad for all of your love and 
support during my two years at Bay Path. To all 
my friends, thanks for the great memories — 
— I love you guys! (Lt. Shaw, Bud Light, Captain 
M, Cape Cod, Wonderful Tonight, Bon Jovi) Ed, 
I'm glad you came into my life — I Love Ya! John 
and Jimmy, I made it!! 

These past two years at Bay Path heave been 
great. I'm going to miss these memories. 
Thanks to my family for giving me their love and 
support over the years. I know I could never do 
this without that push. Thanks to my best friend, 
Angie, who has been a "REAL" friend, luv ya. 
Thank you Allen for being there through the 
good and bad times. 1 LOVE YOU!!!!!! 

Lynn Devino 

Springfield, MA 

Hotel and Hospitality 


Maryellen Ryan 

Suffield, CT 
Travel Administration 

To my Mom and Dad — Thank you for all your 
help and support. I couldn't have made it 
through these two years without you. I love you 
both very much. To Margaret — Even though 
there is distance between us, you are always 
there when I need you. Thanks for being my best 
friend. To everyone who made my two years at 
Bay Path memorable I wish you the best of luck 
in the future. 


Thanks Mom & Dad for having faith and investi- 
ng in me. I couldn't have done it without you! 
Thank you Clay for the 'wonderful night" and for 
always being there and for everything else. You 
mean everything to me and I know I couldn't 
make it through every day if I didn't have you! 

Jennifer R. Allen 

Easthampton, MA 
Interior Design 

Catherine A. Ching 

Storrs, CT 
Legal Assistant 

To Mom, Dad, Walter, and Larry 1 thank you for 
all your love and support. I love you all. To all my 
friends I've made at Bay Path, let us all stay close 
in touch. To my friends at home, thanks for 
putting up with me on my school stressed out 


To overlook the little things in life is to overlook 
the biggest part of life itself. 1 want to thank my 
mother for all of her support and let the friends 
that I have made here know that they won't be 
forgotten. It's been a great learning experience!! 

Susan G. Dombrowski 

Spencer, MA 

Travel Administration 

Marie B. Cassidy 

Meriden, CT 

Public Relations 

Greater knowledge & understanding of myself 
and the world around me, new friends and mem- 
ories I will always cherish, this is what Bay Path 
has meant to me. Without the Love & Support of 
friends & family, these last 2 yrs. would not have 
been possible. Thanks Mom & Dad for allowing 
me this opportunity. I Love You. GOOD LUCK to 
the Class of 1990. 


Sandra J. Fountain 

Warren, MA 
Travel Administration 

Tami M. Kubosiak 

Florence, MA 

Interior Design 

Tracy A Magill 
Wilbraham, MA 
Interior Design 

Madonna Raupp 

East Aurora, NY 
Travel Administration 


Tracy Bednarz 

Wilbraham, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

Maria A Marques 

Ludlow, MA 
Executive Assistant 

Renee Marriott 

Brimfield, MA 
Travel Administration 


Susan Grant 

Cortland, NY 
Legal Secretary 

Lisa liirschfield 

new City, NY 
Fashion Merchandising 

Mitsue Ishii 

Tokyo, Japan 
Arts and Sciences 

Laura Muratore 

Belchertown, MA 
Interior Design 

Kristin Augusti 

Feeding Hills, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

Amy Peninger 

Harwich, MA 
Arts and Sciences 

Janet Bracken 

Windsor Locks, CT 
Interior Design 

Angeline Piechota 

Springfield, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

Danine Davey 

Tolland, CT 
Interior Design 

Lisa Romashko 

Springfield, MA 
Interior Design 





i^^v^r Jrm-r * ' 'JHHfl 

• vfev 

i^ns « \ w^r 

^aL "-* 










«■ K| "f'r'ITi" ui 


"Hi, I'm the spokesperson for Sundaes PlusI' 


Twenty pages down, thirty more to gol' 

West Point, here I cornel' 




To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that 

which is planted; 

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; 

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; 

A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; 

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; 

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; 

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. 

— Ecclesiastes Hi, 1-8 


Student Government 

First: Jennifer Sarnelli, Toni Golfieri, Paule Jean-Mary, Heidi Olschefski, Carman 
Segretario; President, April Whitman, Tracy Cavanagh, Margaret Krokulski; 
Treasurer. Second: Syndia Serrano, Tristine Smith, Patty McDevitt; Secretary, 
Paige O'Brien, Heidi Young, Marlene Croteau, Regina Alberici; Vice President, 
Kellie Greene, Mary Spencer, Chris Harris 

^* T * 

Junior Class Officers 

Danielle Pouliot, Lisa Jones, Amy Fera, 
Wendy Pace 

Senior Class Officers 

Jennifer Sarnelli, April Whitman, Heidi 
Olschefski, Kim Tully 



first: Paige O'Brien, Theresa 
Martin, Tracy Cavanagh, Carla 
Lampron, Kim McArthur. Last: 
Danielle Vannie, Allison Rachele, 
Laura Wrynn, Carman Segretario, 
Tara O'Connor, Tamara Wilson, 
April Whitman, Paule Jean-Mary. 

Outing Club 

First: Paule Jean-Mary, Tristine Smith, 
Jen Brooks, Christine Fischer. Last: 
Tara Carter, Jackie Locke, Margaret 
Krokulski, Theresa Martin, Dawn 
Beam, Michelle Ksiazkiewicz. 

Golden Z 

First: Carman Segretario, Heidi 
Honeyman, Tracey Reinhart, 
Cassandra Duncan, April Whitman, 
Mary Beth Drachenberg, Laura 
Annino. Middle: April Hudson, 
Patty McDevitt, Laura Kelleher, 
Tiffany Byer, Cheryl Hackett, Laura 
Shubert, Kimberly Smith, Stacy 
Valk. Last: Julie Haymes, Jackie 
Locke, Marielle LaCroix, Jen 
Kramer, Carlene Cuzzone, Beth 
Herrin, Paule Jean-Mary. 


Theatre Workshop 

First: Heidi Young, Syndia Serrano, Jackie 
James, Marge Zukoski, Narlene Croteau, 
Chris Harris, Kelly Bellavance, Heather 
Bodnar. Middle: Krista Wiel, Angela 
Ciriello, Laura Annino, Cassandra 
Duncan, Melissa Gobeille, Beth Dickson, 
Sheila Lyons, Erin Hanley, Tammi Babin. 
Last: Toni Burkhart, Jen Kramer, Kim 
McQhee, Tristine Smith, Datania Gregg, 
Paule Jean-Mary, Megan Scozafava, Mara 

■IJi"! iiiii iiSSrf 

__ mil »■«] 


Syndia Serrano, Jessie Qianforti, Chris 
Harris, Regina Robles, Yvette Moore, 
Jackie James, Wendy DiBona, Tracy 
Swift, Megan Scozzafava, Charity Perry, 
Qretchen Kellogg, Renee Fazio, Heather 
Bodnar, Shelley LeProhon, Tara Cirone, 
Mr. Page. 

Glee Club 


First: Danielle Iandoli, Shelley LeProhon, 
Heather Bodnar, Renee Fazio, Qretchen 
Kellogg, Syndia Serrano, Paule Jean-Mary, 
Chris Harris, Tara Cirone, Jackie James, 
Jennifer Billie, Angela Ciriello, Tiffany Byer. 
Middle: Mr. Page, Charity Perry, Noelle 
Thibodeault, Sarah Kelner, Yvette Moore, 
Gail Robinson, Doris Serena, Cheryl 
Hackett, Jessie Qianforti, Regina Robles, 
Connie Qodet, Judy Mohammed, Elizabeth 
Root, Victoria Hendricks, Cassandra 
Duncan, Kelly Denninger. Last: Anne 
Zinsmeister, Wendy DiBona, Anais 
Brancato, Tracy Swift, Megan Scozzafava, 
Datania Gregg, Paige O'Brien, Stacey Kittle, 
Haruyo Tazaki, Dianne Gagliardo, Marcy 
Morgenroth, Naomi Shibata, Naomi Ito. 



First row: Sharon McGuinness, Carisa 
Champine, Tori Adams Back Row: 
Father Smith, Miss Schirmer, Father 

Day Students Club 

First Row: Laura Drzal, Wendy Pace, 
Melissa Guertin Back row: Toni Golfieri, 
Jennifer Sarnelli, Kelly Green, Gail Ko- 
bbe, Pauline Chwalek, Karen Shaw 


Front row: Heidi Moser, Christine 
Kruse, Carla Lampron, Lynn Kelly- 
house, Christine Fischer Back row: 
Dean Conrad, Marielle LaCroix, Allison 
Rachele, Carlene Cuzzone, Patty 
McDevitt, Paige O'Brien, Jackie Locke, 
Jennifer Brooks 



Back: nancy Lamongtagne, Tristine 
Smith. Front: April Whitman, Cheryl 

Tour Guides 

Back: Amy Pederson, Marcy Spencer, 
Kiesha Lee, Liz Bledzinski, Jackie 
Locke, Carisa Champine, April Hudson, 
Sherry Smith Middle: Tara Carter, Kim 
Tully, Marielle LaCroix, Michelle Lomax 
Front: Amy Sebest, Laura Annino, Susan 
Heleba, Judy Boucher, Christine Fischer 

Student Ambassadors 

Back: Mrs. Brodie, Cheryl Hackett, Linda 
MacLeod, Heidi Young, Sherry Smith, 
Margaret Qoeh ring, Stacey Kittle Middle: 
Marlene Croteau, Beth Dickson, Mary 
Spencer, Paige O'Brien, Tracy Reinhart 
Front: Kim Tully, Amy Pederson, Cas- 
sandra Duncan, Laura Drzal, Kelly 


Maroon Key 

First: Heidi Young, Cheryl Hackett, Tara Carter, Angela Ciriello, Judy 
Bussing, Heather Qriszkauskas. Middle: Tracy Norkowski, Christine 
Fischer, Paige O'Brien, Bethann Dickson, Marlene Croteau. Last: Karen 
Davis, Allison Strong, Bobbi Taylor, Sue Heleba, Pam Johnson, Melissa 
Mooney, Ewa Zduniewicz, Angela Anselmo, Carisa Champine, Tracy 
Cavanagh, Jennifer Sarnelli, Sandy Mangeri, Angela Egan, Kathleen 

Phi Beta Lambda 

First: Chandelle Pluff, Amy Sebest, Margaret Krokulski, Gail Robinson, Cheryl 
Hackett, Michelle Czapor, Jodi Starnino, Cindy Quance. Middle: Tracy norkowski, 
Lisa Ethier, Kellie Greene, Mary Spencer, Anne Zinsmeister. Last: Mrs. Lacombe, 
Laura Wynn, Carlene Cuzzone, Jen Brooks, Marielle LaCroix, Kelly Cowan, Pam 
Johnson, Melissa Mooney, Ewa Zduniewicz, Angela Anselmo, Mary Drachenberg, 
Heather McHoul, Kristine Taylor, Holly Chisek, Debbie Little, Sheila Lyons. 


RD's St RA's 









First row: Ms. Burns, Theinert; Mr. & Mrs. 
Plukas, Brookside. Second row: Ms. Hersey, 
Elliott; Mr. & Mrs. Brodie, Bollum. 



Tara Carter, Becky Pierson, Cassandra Dun- 





Patty McDevitt, Tracey Reinhart, Paige 
O'Brien, Danielle Vannie, Mary Spencer, 
Marcy Spencer. 


First: Tori Adams, Chris Kruse, Julie Vatter. 
Last: Pam Johnson, Jackie James, Mari- 
anne Kennedy. 

Ufa \t" 


. . ....... . , 


First: Amy May, Heidi Moser, Kim Saliga, Kim 
Wochoski. Middle: Dawn Beam, Paule Jean- 
Mary, Heidi Olschefski. Last: Carman 
Segretario, Laurie Bombara, Marie Ferreira, 
April Whitman, Anne Zinsmeister, Gail 
Robinson, Jen Kramer, Marielle LaCroix. 



Time . . . flowin' like a river. 

Time . . . beckoning me. 

Who knows when we shall meet again, if ever. 

But time keeps flowin' like a river, to the sea. 

Goodbye my friend, maybe for forever. 
Goodbye my friend, the stars wait for me. 
Who knows where we shall meet again, if ever. 
But time keeps flowin' like a river, to the sea. 
To the sea . . . 

'Till it's gone forever, gone forever, gone forever, 
GONE ... 

— The Alan Parsons Project 





3T " " j "T" '""" 


8> ! ' | 


■p *- ^H 





^* I 


X* 7^1 


x II 


Nt, ' 

« *\s Jk- ■-.»►,».-.' 

' /I 

/ mk 

^^K BfesnittMi^l 















« " 1 

H^^^^RJ H^^^| 


K 7% 

Br"* **^BhLb 

-•'■^— 'sTtB 


■ ;■ ■ ' _^2jF i 

i 41 





</:"I : .P^k 

r ^ 

^ " ' '1 






■ ■ 




%Ava Gardner 

EPI Products 






/ never thought I d feel this way, 
And as far as I m concerned 
I'm glad I got the chance to say 
That I do believe I love you. 

And if I should ever go away 
Well then close your eyes and try 
To feel the way we do today 
And then if you can remember; 

Keep smilin', keep shinin', 

Knowin ' you can always count on me 

For sure. 

That's what friends are for. 

In good times, in bad times, 
I'll be on your side forever more 
That's what friends are for. 


■—■■>__ ____ &*&* ^^ 


E^Bv ^^^ 

fl& JT^m ^1 ^B< 






\\ .. 


FRIENDS . . . 

Well you came and opened me 

And now there's so much more I see 

And so by the way, I thank you. 

And then for the times when we're apart, 
Well then close your eyes and know 
These words are coming from my heart 
And then if you can remember; 

Keep smilin', keep shinin', 
Knowin' you can always count on 

For sure. 
That's what friends are for. 

Dionne Warwick 




'amela Johnson; Assistant Editor, Toni 
jolfieri; Editor-in-Chief, Tara Carter; 
S business Manager. 


Sherry Smith, Tracey Reinhart, 
Pamela Johnson, Toni Qolfieri, 
Tara Carter, Laura Annino, Laura 
Drzal, Patty McDevitt. 


It has been a privilege to serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the 1990 Portico. / would like to thank the 
entire yearbook staff especially my Co-Assistant Editors, Pamela Johnson and Tara Carter, for all their 
time and effort spent on this project. 

Many thanks also go to Dean Conrad, Mrs. Beaulieu, and Miss Schirmer, for their "helping hands" 
throughout the year. 

Additional thanks to Mr. George Petro, the representative of the Delmar Printing Company, who has 
been an invaluable advisor on the technical aspects of the yearbook production, and for his support, 
patience, and guidance throughout the entire process. 

The yearbook staff hopes that the pictorial images contained in this yearbook will provide each 
member of the Class of 1990 with wonderful memories of her two years at Bay Path College. 
My best wishes to each member of the Class of 1990. 

Carpe Diem! 

Toni L. Golfieri 





Victoria Adam 
Regina Alberici 
Kerry Aliesky 
Stephanie Allard 
Jennifer Allen 
Susan Anderson 
Laura Annino 
Angela Anselmo 
Kristin Augusti 


Tara Carter 
Paula Caruso 
Marie Cassidy 
Tracy Cassidy 
Tracy Cavanagh 
Carisa Champine 
Lynn Chickosky 
Catherine Ching 
Emily Christian 
Angela Ciriello 
Tara Cirone 
Jennifer Collins 
Sarah Condon 
Kristine Cook 
Cheri Costantino 
Kelly Cowan 
Marlene Croteau 
Carlene Cuzzone 


Margaret Egan 
Elizabeth Ellis 
Lisa Ethier 
Brenda Evarts 
Michelle Ewing 




Shannon Bacchiochi 


Jessica Baglin 


Julie Barlow 


Jennifer Beaulieu 


Tracy Bednarz 


Elizabeth Bledzinski 


Ann Boucher 


Judy Boucher 


Cindy Bourgeois 


Janet Bracken 


Jennifer Brooks 


Toni Burkhart 


Cori Burnett 


Kathleen Bushey 


Judy Bussing 




















Tina D'Agostino 


Aimee Daigle 


Danine Davey 


Karen Davis 


Deanna DeBendictis 


Lynn Devino 


Bethann Dickson 


Susan Dombrowski 


Melissa Doner 


Margaret Dowd 


Mary Drachenberg 


Jennifer Dressier 


Laura Drzal 


Cassandra Duncan 



Marie Ferreira 
Colleen Field 
Christine Fischer 
Jennifer Fishbein 
Sandra Fountain 
Frances Franklin 



Cheryl flackett 
Kathleen Hall 
Erin Hanley 
Sherri Hansen 
Christine Harris 
Kimberly Harvey 
Lisa Hastey 
Susan Heleba 
Victoria Hendricks 
Amy Higgins 
Lisa Hirschfield 
Sandra Holmes 
Kimberly Holtz 
Heidi Honeyman 
April Hudson 

Mitsue Ishii 


Colleen Jackson 
Jacqueline James 
Jennifer Janecek 
Faule Jean-Mary 
Pamela Johnson 


Marielle LaCroix 
Rachel LaPerle 
Beth Lamkins 
hancy Lamontagne 
Renee Lariviere 
Kiesha Lee 
Valerie Leone 
Janice Lewis 
Jacqueline Locke 
Michelle Lomax 


Susan Lynch 


Doreen Qabel 


Renee Qaron 


Wendy Qdovin 
Gwendolyn Qesin 
Jessica Qianforti 


Claudine Qodbout 


Constance Qodet 


Margaret Qoehring 
Toni Golfieri 


Jennifer Gombossy 
Susan Grant 


Kelly Green 
Kellie Greene 


Heather Griszkauskas 


Leslie Grzelak 



















Brenda Kamp 


Jennifer Kennedy 


Mari-anne Kennedy 


Susan Kibbe 


Kimberly Kiess 


Bethany Kitchen 


Stacey Kittle 


Margaret Krokulski 


Christine Kruse 


Michele Ksiazkiewicz 


Tami Kubosiak 




Linda MacLeod 


Jennifer Macy 


Tracy Magill 


Sandra Mangeri 


Maria A. Marques 


Daisy Marquez 


Renee Marriott 


Michelle Marshall 


Mancy Martel 


Erin Martin 


Kelli McCarthy 


Elizabeth McClellan 


Patricia McDevitt 


Eileen Mello 


Judith Mohamed 


Melissa Mooney 


Michelle Morganson 


Daydra Morin 


Jacqueline Morrison 


Heidi Moser 


Suzanne Moser 


Sharon Mountzoures 


Laura Muratore 


Suzanne Murphy 



Tracy Norkowski 
Julie Movotny 
Lisa Noyes 


Paige O'Brien 
Tara O'Conner 
Jennifer O'Meil 
Margaret Olisky 
Heidi Olschefski 
Fumiko Ono 


Pamela Quesnel 


Madonna Raupp 
Karen Reilly 
Tracey Reinhart 
Dina Ribeiro 
Lisa Riley 
Marie Rinaldi 
Regina Robles 
Lisa Romashko 
Rene Ruck 
Maryellen Ryan 

Kimberly Saliga 

















Veronica Santucci 


Jennifer Sarnelli 


Patricia Sauerhoefer 


Amy Sebest 


Carman Segretario 


Mariecruz Segura 


Valesca Segura 


Syndia Serrano 


Laura Shubert 


Sherry Smith 


Tristine Smith 


Margaret Spencer 


Mary Spencer 


Tonetta St. John 


Lisa St. Marie 


Deborah Stapon 


Laurisa Stebbins 


Jill Steinmetz 


Jennifer Stevens 


Allison Strong 


Susan Strong 


Michelle Szestowicki 



Bobbi Taylor 
Tracey Testa 
Lisa Thibert 
Valerie Thompson 
Rhonda Tirio 
nancy Tratenberg 
Kimberly Tully 


Elizabeth Ugolik 
Yoshiko Ushioda 


Kristin Vaillancourt 
Danielle Vannie 
Julie Vatter 
Jeanne Velez 
Nicole Virkler 
Tia Vongsarasinh 

Ewa Zduniewicz 
Darlene Zglobicki 
Anne Zinsmeister 
Marjorie Zukoski 




Lisa Pardee 



Indira Parmanand 



Jennifer Patrizzo 


Susan Paulo 


Kerri Walsh 


Amy Pederson 


Kathleen Waters 


Amy Peninger 


Monica Whiteman 


Brenda Perez 


April Whitman 


Angeline Piechota 


Seleena Williams 


Rebecca Pierson 


Chandelle Pluff 



Kim Popovich 


Cari Portuese 


Cheryl Price 


Heather Young 


Heidi Young 






The footsteps pass. The trees remain. 

Green in the sun, or bare in the rain. 

The trees by seasons root and grow 

Over and under the paths that go 

Where pathways go, from gate to gate. 

The bell rings hourly, early, late. 

The doorways stand. The windows wait. 

Along the Row and across the grass 

A thousand thousand footsteps pass. 

Are faint, and fainter, and then no more 

On curving walks, at the Chapel door. 

In empty classrooms, all July, 

The high walls see the sun go by. 

But summer over and next September, 

The rooms and bells and trees remember. 

The skies and doors that arch above 

Know what we need and what we love. 

There are two more rings on trunk and bough, 

And some of our blood is tree-sap now. 

The work we did, and all we said, 

Or hoped, or thought, is never dead. 

Never forgotten, but lives, lives here. 

All rich and real, all known and near. 

This is the campus, year by year. 

This is the College, name by name. 

By games, by loves, by books, by laughter 

Living 'till now and long hereafter. 

This is the way our footsteps came. 

None of the least of them is lost. 

The oldest tree in the cold wind tossed, 

The brightest room on a friendly night. 

The solemn pillars round and white 

And strong forever under the roof, 

Are all we need of promise and proof. 

We walked the paths. We heard the bells. 

We know the story the campus tells. 

— John Holmes 



Time is not measured 
by the passing of years 
but by what one does, 
what one feels, 
and what one achieves.